Albany Slip and Fall Lawyer

As the name implies, slip and fall injuries occur when you slip on a surface and the slip causes you to fall and sustain an injury. Although they do not seem like serious accidents, they can cause serious injury.

If your slip and fall injury was the result of a property owner’s negligence, you may have options. Consulting with a team of Albany slip and fall lawyers is an important first step in determining whether you should pursue a legal claim for whatever injury you sustained and in finding out what that process entails. An Albany personal injury lawyer can also provide the injured person with an in-house doctor. Call a seasoned attorney today for a free case review.

Compensation Available

Unlike some other states, Georgia has not instituted any sort of cap on the compensation a person can receive following a slip and fall. As a result, the amount of damages someone may be able to collect in such a lawsuit depends on the type and extent of the injury like if it resulted in paralysis, the amount of out-of-pocket costs he or she incurred because of the injury, and the nature of the at-fault party’s action or inaction. There are several categories of compensation a person may be able to collect and they are:

  • Special Damages – these damages compensate injured parties for certain types of out-of-pocket expenses he or she has because of his or her injuries such as medical expenses and therapeutic services. Also, a person can also seek special damages for any lost wages he or she has because of the accident.
  • General Damages – compensation for less tangible harms such as pain and suffering and emotional distress are called general damages. In Albany, general damages depend on a variety of factors including the specific injury, the complexity and length of the treatment plan, and whether there is any permanent damage.
  • Punitive Damages – punitive damages are rarely given as they are intended to punish the party who caused the injury in cases where there was gross negligence, egregious conduct, or intentional misconduct.

Requirements and Restrictions

To collect any damages, an individual will need to demonstrate that the owner or operator of the property where he or she suffered an injury was negligent or did not take appropriate steps to keep the property safe. If someone slipped in a puddle of water on a supermarket floor, the owner of the property or operator of the supermarket would likely be found negligent if he or she knew about it but did not clean it up.

In Albany, all personal injury cases – including ones that involve a slip and fall accident – are subject to the rule of comparative negligence. That means any damages awarded to a victim will be reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to him or her for causing the accident. In addition, this same rule means that anyone who is at least 51 percent at fault for an accident cannot receive compensation for any injuries.

All slip and fall claims in Albany must be filed within two years of the date the accident occurred. Claims filed after that date are generally dismissed. This is why it is crucial to contact a slip and fall attorney in Albany right away.

Let an Albany Slip and Fall Attorney Help

Prevailing on a claim for a slip and fall injury in Albany requires a combination of legal expertise and experience dealing with this type of claim. It also requires the ability to bring together a team of expert witnesses who can demonstrate how the accident occurred, document the extent of your injuries, and translate those injuries into a quantifiable amount.

Be sure that your claim receives the full consideration it deserves – and that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Contact a team of passionate Albany slip and fall attorneys before you talk to any representatives of the party responsible for your accident.