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When a patient is having a hard time breathing or undergoing specific surgical procedures, doctors often must intubate the patient or insert a breathing tube. Although this is a life-saving and necessary action in some situations, it also could create complications and go wrong. If you have experienced intubation complications, you need to look to an Alpharetta intubation complications lawyer for legal guidance. Attorneys familiar with these types of medical errors could rely on an in-house doctor for medical opinion that could come in handy during negotiations or court.

Various factors might cause complications with intubation, including the negligence of the medical personnel. When negligence leads to these complications, thus causing injuries to patients, patients may have a valid claim for medical malpractice. A personal injury lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine whether you have a viable cause of action.

Understanding the Intubation Process

When medical professionals intubate patients for surgery, they insert a breathing device known as an endotracheal tube through the patients’ mouth and into their airway. This is done so that the patient can be placed on a ventilator to help her breathe while she is under anesthesia and unable to breathe on her own. It is also done when the patient is unable to breathe on her own. Patients often receive pain medication to relax and treat any discomfort caused by the tube. Intubation might be required for various reasons, including:

  • Treating patients with collapsed lungs or other respiratory failures,
  • Removing airway blockages,
  • Helping the patient to breathe while she’s under anesthesia for a surgical procedure.

In many cases, a lack of inexperience or pressure to act quickly in an emergency, results in intubation complications. An intubation complications lawyer in Alpharetta could assist victims who have suffered injuries under these circumstances.

Injuries from Intubation Complications

Many errors could occur when performing intubation, but some occur more frequently than others. Types of errors that might occur as a result of intubation include:

  • Drops in oxygen levels due to it taking too long to intubate,
  • Failure to adequately preoxygenate the patient prior to intubation, or to ventilate with a bag-mask between intubation attempts,
  • Tubes being inserted improperly, for example, in the esophagus (wrong) instead of the trachea (right), and
  • Tubes becoming dislodged.

Intubation often causes substantial injuries when medical professionals perform the procedure poorly. Patients could suffer injuries to their brains, lungs, esophagus, and vocal cords. Bleeding, infections and collapsed lungs are other potential complications of intubation when performed improperly.

Even worse, medical professionals may not notice the signs of intubation complications immediately. This inattentiveness could lead to misdiagnosis and delays in treatment that could cause further respiratory issues. An intubation complications attorney in Alpharetta could investigate the circumstances that led to injuries in patients and help them decide on the best course of action.

Compensation in Intubation Complications Claims

Every malpractice lawsuit is different, but intubation injury victims may be able to collect damages, commonly known as compensation, when they have sustained injuries due to intubation complications. Some of the compensation that injury victims may be able to receive for medical expenses related to their injuries and lost wages during their recovery. These are examples of economic damages.

Other potential damages could include compensation for rehabilitation costs, mental trauma, and emotional pain and suffering. In certain situations, injury victims also may be able to collect non-economic damages, which are harder to prove. Because of the degree of challenge associated with these damages, victims should consider working with a team of caring attorneys who could use cutting-edge courtroom technology to substantiate a claim.

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Medical malpractice, whether based on intubation complications or other medical errors, is a complex area of law. These claims require knowledge of medical procedures and often necessitate the involvement of expert witnesses. As a result, you may wish to consider the merits of hiring an Alpharetta intubation complications lawyer to assist you.

Time limits exist for filing medical malpractice claims, so injury victims need to contact legal counsel as quickly as their medical conditions allow. Missing these critical deadlines is highly detrimental to your ability to bring a claim for compensation. Reach out today for a free case review and to speak directly to a lawyer. Attorneys take calls after hours and could help you work towards peace of mind.

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