Alpharetta Product Liability Lawyer

Holding a company responsible for a defective product is a task that can seem both intimidating and unattainable. While injuries caused by a defective product can be financially compensated for in Georgia, filing a claim for damages in product liability cases must be done with specificity.

If you have been injured or impacted by a defective product, contact an Alpharetta product liability lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you by establishing a claim against the correct entity liable for damages caused, filing a timely claim, and seeking compensatory damages for your losses.

They could fight for you throughout the legal process to get you the justice you deserve.

Who is Responsible for Defective Products?

Alpharetta product liability lawyer may know that there is a difference between the manufacturer of a product and the seller. The manufacturer of a product is a supplier of goods or designs for goods. Conversely, the seller of a product is an entity that assembles the product for the manufacturer.

The distinction between both entities is important because, under the law, a product seller is not liable for selling a product that contains a defect and subsequently causes damage. Liability is placed entirely on the manufacturer.

Filing a Product Liability Claim

If an item cannot be used for its intended purpose and/or it has caused an injury, an Alpharetta product liability lawyer can help an individual file a liability claim to bring an action against the manufacturer.

In order to file a product liability claim, an individual must do so within 10 years after the date of the first sale of the product, and within 10 years after the first consumption of the product. Claims for diseases or birth defects that were caused by a defective product do not need to fall within this time-frame.

What Happens If a Manufacturer Improves a Product?

If a manufacturer adds a component that makes the product safer, this could mean that they acknowledge that their product was unsafe. The improvement of a product on the part of the manufacturer could help prove that they are culpable for damages.

Punitive Damages

As Alpharetta product liability lawyers know, claims for punitive damages are generally not applicable to product liability cases. However, if the product manufacturer acted with willful neglect, fraud, or was indifferent to the damage the product might cause, a judge may award punitive damages to an injured party. There is no cap on the amount of punitive damages an injured party might receive.

How an Alpharetta Product Liability Attorney Can Help

When you buy a product, you are trusting that the manufacturer created it with your best interests at heart. This is not always the case. Fortunately, claims for injuries that are the direct and proximate result of a defective product can be financially compensated for in Georgia.

If you have been impacted by a defective product, contact an Alpharetta product liability lawyer as soon as possible. A qualified attorney could review the aspects of your case, determine the true manufacturer of the product, and timely file a products liability claim.