Types of Burn Injuries in Atlanta

After sustaining a serious burn from a negligent person’s actions, you may wonder what legal recourse you have. The types of burn injuries in Atlanta allow for numerous forms of legal recourse if your injury stemmed from negligenceAttorneys could help you hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions while you focus on what matters: recovery.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Atlanta

There are a number of ways victims could end up with a burn injury. Some are more common than others. Some of the more common types of burn injuries in Atlanta include:

While all burn injuries have the potential to change the lives of victims, some posit more drastic changes than others. Medically, there are three categories of burns: first, second, and third degree.

First Degree Burns

First-degree burns are mild on the spectrum and may result in some reddening of the skin and some pain. While not life-altering, these burns could still cause serious mental trauma. If victims of these types of burn injuries in Atlanta endured them through the negligent acts of another, they need to contact an attorney who could fight for their right to compensation.

Superficial Second Degree and Second Degree Burns

Superficial second-degree burns are more severe and affect the outer layer of the skin. However, they also start to affect the next layer of skin. In addition to the pain and redness, they often start to swell and blister.

A second-degree burn is one that goes to the second layer of skin, the dermis layer, and leads to swelling or blistering. These burns require medical treatment.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the worst kind. These burns are also known as “full thickness” burns because they go all the way through to the lower layer of skin and start to get into deeper tissues. That is when they char the skin or turn the pigment of the skin, whiten and blacken, and cause more-severe injuries. These burns often come with secondary mental conditions which could be fought for in court if the accident that produced a burn was caused by a negligent or intentional act.

How the Types of Burns Could Affect a Person’s Life

Burn injuries often have a severe impact on someone’s life because the initial pain and suffering is quite severe and traumatic. The pain that victims endure could lead to psychological damage because someone is now fearful of whatever caused the injury, for kids in particular. Some burn injuries could trigger and present symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Perhaps most drastic is the scarring that often results from burns. Scarring is frequently exceptionally traumatic physically and psychologically and could alter someone’s appearance.

Because of this, victims could certainly feel less confident about their appearance which, in turn, could hinder their social life and their willingness to go out and engage in public. As if to compound social issues, the reclusiveness could then cause severe depression and psychological problems. Financially, a lot of people rely on their physical appearance for their job. Whether it is as a news reporter, weatherman, a model or even a person involved in sales, the impact on a career for anyone could be substantial.

If victims suffer a disfigurement on their face, that could have an impact on their ability to do a job or do it confidently. After a severe burn, they might have to go through numerous debridement procedures and surgeries to peel off the dead skin and allow the injury to heal itself. There may be numerous grafting procedures that have to be done to lessen the impact of the scarring. Because of the numerous medical procedures, it is beneficial for victims to consider enlisting the services of an attorney who could use an in-house doctor who could give attorneys a leg-up in court.

Reach Out to an Experienced Attorney Today

While the types of burn injuries in Atlanta are diverse and complex, working with an attorney who could hold wrongdoers accountable does not have to be. When you enlist the services of an experienced burn injury lawyer, you could expect to work with a client-centered team who places your needs at the forefront of a lawsuit. While courtroom success is never guaranteed, there are steps that attorneys with cutting-edge courtroom technology could take to better your odds of a more favorable outcome. Do not waste time, reach out today to speak directly with an attorney no matter the time.