What to Do After an Atlanta Burn Injury

If you are wondering what to do after an Atlanta burn injury, your first priority after medical treatment should be to connect with an attorney who could bring your case to court and address your needs with a team of client-centered attorneys. An attorney could collect all the evidence that pertains to your case, negotiate with opposing counsel, and present your case in court with cutting-edge technology if necessary.

What Legally Constitutes a Burn Injury

In the context of personal injury law, a burn injury would be an injury caused by somebody’s negligence or intentional acts. It could be something someone did or failed to do that caused a person to be burned.

Why Victims Should Contact a Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are exceptionally painful, for some the most painful thing they have suffered, so there is an incomprehensible amount of pain and suffering to the individual, often leading to significant and permanent scarring. Since that often requires extensive surgeries and numerous medical procedures and skin grafts, a lawyer could help victims recover the proper damages.

Any type of burn that requires someone to consult with a physician and receive medical care, leading to skin grafts, is something that warrants contacting a lawyer to recover damages from the negligent party.

Seeking Medical Attention after a Serious Burn

The first thing a person should do after suffering a severe burn is to seek emergency medical care to treat the burn and minimize the effects of the burn as much as possible. Following any treatment, victims who have resolved to hold wrongdoers accountable need to contact an attorney. Attorneys with in-house doctors who could provide assessments could prove exceptionally valuable in court.

In most situations, if it is a severe burn, victims would need to go to the emergency room, and if they are in Atlanta and call 911, they probably would be taken to Grady Hospital and its burn center. The center is exceptionally well-equipped to treat severe burns, but burns are something that typically requires an emergency room-type care.

A dermatologist is someone who would be involved at some point in a burn case, particularly if it is a severe burn. Ultimately a dermatologist could help with respect to the scarring and certain treatments and medicines that could be used to minimize scarring or help with it.

Seeking Medical Care Even if the Injury Is Minor

Even if victims think their burns are minor, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is a good idea to have a trained medical professional take a look at any perceived minor injury. Doctors could determine whether it is something that might blister or cause more problems, potentially leading to scarring.

If a burn turns out to only a minor injury, a trained medical professional would tell victims so, but still give them advice on how to care for it and under what circumstances they should come back to the hospital or see a doctor.

How Victims Could Assist a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important that victims document, orally or written, what was happening at the time of the injury, what they were doing that led to the burn, what equipment they were using, and what they were handling. If they were using a certain product or equipment that they think failed, they should try to keep that equipment for legal purposes. For example, if they were using a frying pan and the handle broke, keep the parts, because they could be evidence in their case.

Mistakes to Avoid as a Victim

Victims determined to bring a case to court should avoid throwing away any products they think were defective or did not function properly, causing their injury. If it is something such as a burn, they should seek medical care, follow medical instructions, and document all of that along with the costs.

Connect with a Burn Injury Attorney Today

After the numerous hospital visits, it could be confusing as to what to do after an Atlanta burn injury. Fortunately, the law allows for victims of negligence to seek compensation for their losses. Contacting an attorney for a free case review could be the first step toward holding negligent people accountable for the harm you have endured. When you are ready to begin, reach out at any time to speak directly with a lawyer.