Hiring an Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you suffered severe injuries in an accident, hiring an Atlanta catastrophic injury attorney is in your best interest. A courtroom professional could fight for your right to compensation.

How to Contact an Attorney when Physically Limited by an Injury

Depending on the extent of a catastrophic injury, a person may be limited in how much they can speak, move, and travel. However, there are ways they can still seek a consultation with an attorney. The first way would be for the attorney or a law firm’s representative to visit the injured party, or less desirably, communicate with the injured person by telephone or video conferencing. Generally, however, face-to-face meetings are much-preferred.

How the Uniqueness of a Catastrophic Injury Affects the Case and Compensation

With catastrophic injury cases, there are broad categories of compensation that include medical expenses associated with surgeries, ongoing care for more serious injuries, and future compensables such as life-care costs. If a victim will need assistance for the rest of his or her life, that could be brought to court and sought as future compensation.

Additionally, a catastrophic injury claim could seek non-economic damages that include pain, loss of the enjoyment of life, and other abstract losses.

The Importance of Having an Attorney to Represent a Case

Victims of horrible catastrophic injuries should have an attorney they can trust since they are placing their life in the hands of that attorney. A trustworthy legal representative seeks the best for his or her client, and having someone who cares about the right outcome, not just a quick outcome, of a case is invaluable. Catastrophic injury cases tend to take much more time than smaller claims, so the relationship that a client has with his or her attorney is indispensable and sometimes lasts for years, beyond getting a victim his or her compensation.

Resources Typically Devoted to Catastrophic Injury Cases

A law firm may devote significant resources to a catastrophic injury case, including resources necessary for court and making sure the injured person’s needs are taken care of. Cases like these tend to involve many expert witnesses, expensive deposition physicians, and meetings with physicians to create and manage a plan of care. An attorney typically needs to have the resources to provide all of this and be willing to do so over the course of projected litigation, which may take years.

What to Look for When Selecting an Attorney for a Catastrophic Injury Case

A person seeking an attorney for his or her catastrophic injury case should consider an attorney who has handled the type of case involved, perhaps with the same type of liability issues, the types of losses experienced, and who is familiar with the types of support that will be necessary. That would include relationships with experts, physician groups, and generalized experience. Most cases are settled because they are ready for trial, so it is important to be with an attorney who is not going to have a problem taking the case to court if necessary.

How Attorneys Work with Clients who Experience Long-Term and Severe Medical Issues

In many cases, attorneys work to help clients by ensuring that their medical and daily living needs are provided for during the course of, and sometimes even after, the case. This care typically falls outside the context of litigation, but if a person does not have these resources, an attorney could coordinate for a client to receive the care.

Contact an Attorney When Ready

Hiring an Atlanta catastrophic injury attorney is easier than it sounds. If you are ready to speak with a client-centered team of legal representatives, give us a call for your free case review–our phones take calls after hours. We could work with you to demonstrate your case with our state-of-the-art courtroom technology and assess your injuries with our in-house doctors. Reach out today.