Common Causes of Paralysis in Atlanta

After enduring lifestyle changes that were caused directly by a negligent or intentional act, you may wonder if you have legal recourse against the people responsible. Fortunately, you more than likely do. However, the common causes of paralysis in Atlanta are numerous, which is why victims of unfortunate and severe injuries such as these need to speak with an attorney who could put your needs at the forefront of a case.

Common Causes of Paralysis that Often Lead to a Catastrophic Injury Case

Some of the causes of paralysis that often lead to catastrophic-injury cases include damage to the spinal cord in a car wreck or workplace-related accident. Often it is a paralysis called spine nerve damage that occurs during surgeries in which a nerve was nipped or cut and causes the injury. There also are stroke cases that caused permanent paralysis and in which the patient presented early enough, but had the medical providers recognized the symptoms, they could have reversed the paralysis in time to save it from being a permanent injury. Any of these would constitute as common causes of paralysis in Atlanta.

Liability in Paralysis Cases

Liability in a paralysis case is determined by establishing that a negligent party did something it should have not done or failed to do something it should have done, and that failure caused the paralysis.

A person’s negligent act could certainly cause paralysis, such as by causing trauma to someone’s spinal cord. For example, a violent car wreck or operating a truck or a forklift improperly and crushing someone, causing traumatic injury or paralysis. There are also situations in which surgeons injure nerves, the spinal column, or different parts of the body and cause the paralysis.

Comparative Fault in Georgia

If some liability for a paralysis lies on the injured party, in Georgia victims could still recover as long as they are not more than 50% responsible. Above that, they cannot recover anything. The percentage of what they could recover would be equal to the percentage for which the other party was at fault.

Work-Related Paralysis in Georgia

Unfortunately, work-related injuries often result in paralysis. There are many scenarios and situations in which an employee or a person on the job could be injured in a situation that leads to paralysis.

A worker could suffer a fall at a workplace if there is something about the workplace environment that is not safe, such a ladder that is not functioning properly and causes them to fall. There are cases in which somebody is working on a loading dock and a truck pulls up and pens them between the truck and the loading dock, causing damage to the spinal cord. In cases such as these, it is important to review the common causes of paralysis in Atlanta against a claim’s cause to then vet compensation against third-party negligence.

Conditions that Could Lead to Paralysis if Not Treated Properly

Some conditions that may result in paralysis if not treated properly include a stroke, for which there is a narrow window of time to get to a hospital so a medical provider could recognize the symptoms. Then, medical professionals may be able to administer certain medications which could combat the stroke.

Paralysis Over Time

Paralysis over time could be caused by nerve injuries that in the early stages, present as kind of loss of sensation or some tingling, and similar symptoms that are not full-blown paralysis, but over time might develop into it. Often, these symptoms present in the neck and back area where people have had some minor damage to a disk or impingement on nerves, causing some minor neurological problems. If it is not dealt with or worsens, it could lead to paralysis.

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While the common causes of paralysis in Atlanta are as diverse as the cases that could be presented in court, there are still options available to victims of negligent or malicious actions that could hold responsible parties accountable. Victims of these horrible accidents need to look for an attorney who could offer cutting-edge courtroom technology, an in-house doctor to evaluate the extent of an injury, and years of experience bringing claims to court. Call at any time to speak directly with an attorney and for your free case review.