Atlanta Hypoxic Brain Injury Lawyer

A hypoxic brain injury is like anoxia, in that the brain is not getting enough oxygen. In hypoxia, the brain is still getting some oxygen, but not in the amount it needs, and that can cause significant damages. If a hypoxic brain injury condition was the result of someone’s negligence, the patient should seek the help of an attorney to get compensation. A complainant can recover the compensation they will need to deal with the after-effects of their injury by consulting an experienced Atlanta hypoxic brain injury lawyer. Reach out to a dedicated traumatic brain injury attorney today and set up a consultation.

Common Hypoxic Injuries

One of the ways hypoxic brain injuries are sustained is when an individual’s blood pressure gets very low, and their heart cannot pump the blood as effectively to their brain. Sometimes, errors with the anesthesia during surgery can reduce the amount of oxygen to the patient’s brain and lead to hypoxia. Similarly, if someone has had carbon monoxide poisoning or suffered a partial drowning, this could cause a hypoxic brain injury.

Hypoxic brain injuries are considered severe because whenever the brain is deprived of oxygen, it will cause an injury to the brain with devastating consequences. It can affect the victim’s mobility, speech, ability to work, and ability to carry out their daily activities and needs. This type of injury certainly affects the quality of life and can change the way a person can live their life, and those around them live theirs.

Treatment Options

The treatment options for hypoxic brain injury are mostly the same as those for an anoxic brain injury. This means it will likely require various types of therapy to deal with the consequences, such as speech therapy. If the injury has caused paralysis, that may require rehabilitation and learning how to walk again. If there are caused brain-processing issues, it will require significant therapy to learn how to overcome those challenges and difficulties through various therapies.

These treatment options can be costly, which is why victims should obtain the services of an Atlanta hypoxic brain injury lawyer who could help recover damages. These damages can help pay for medical treatment, as well as the lost wages the victim has suffered due to the inability to work.

How an Atlanta Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney Could Help

An accomplished Atlanta hypoxic brain injury lawyer could help an injured victim with establishing negligence on the at-fault party. After doing so, the lawyer will need to demonstrate the significance of the damages, the cost of future care, and how the injury has impacted the victim’s life.

If the lawyer can show that other party failed to uphold their duty to the injured person and that failure caused the injury, then the injured individual could recover compensation. If you or a loved one suffered a hypoxic brain injury due to the negligent actions of another party, reach out to a skilled lawyer today. The sooner you reach out to legal counsel, the sooner they could help you recover the damages you deserve.