Preparing an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Suffering a traumatic brain injury from either the negligence or intentional act of another has the potential to affect a victim in extreme ways. In many instances, people who suffer a traumatic brain injury have long-standing and debilitating side effects that impact their quality of life. Because of this and the tremendous financial strain an injury like this could place on a victim, you could benefit from contacting an experienced attorney familiar with these types of serious injuries.

An attorney could help you by preparing an Atlanta traumatic brain injury case and seeking the compensation you need.

How a Lawyer Would Prepare a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

A catastrophic injury lawyer would begin to prepare a traumatic brain injury (TBI) case by determining first the specifics of the case and injury. Depending on the cause of the injury, an experienced attorney would then collect any and all reports of this accident. Whether medical or car accident related, a lawyer would use these reports in establishing fault.

Additionally, a lawyer may request that a victim routinely receive neuropsychological evaluations, brain scans, and check-ups over the course of litigation to see what changes are taking place.

Qualifying Evidence and Related Symptoms of a TBI

Examples of qualifying evidence in TBI cases include patients’ symptom records, scans of their brain, and medical records. There may also be something as simple as an interview with the patient, their family, and health care providers to learn what kind of impact the injury has had on the patient client. Most of these are used to demonstrate to the jury how the patient has changed over time.

Collecting Evidence and Establishing Liability

Collecting all relevant evidence required in a TBI case and presenting it for the jury is well within the range of possible things an experienced lawyer could do. However, presenting this evidence might prove to be a little more challenging in a TBI case because patients might not demonstrate easily recognizable symptoms to a jury. An experienced lawyer could help a jury to understand the changes that have taken place in a TBI victim. Fortunately, there a myriad of ways that subtle or hard-to-conceive evidence could be demonstrated using cutting-edge technology.

After collecting related evidence, demonstrating it to jury is the same in a TBI case as similar to most other cases. A victim’s counsel must demonstrate that there were damages sustained by the victim and that a wrongdoer failed in their duty of care, leading to the victim’s injuries.

A Client’s Role in Gathering Evidence

While lawyers could help in gathering evidence, the victim plays a substantial role in collecting and even presenting it as well. Plaintiffs need to keep relevant medical records that tell the story of their injuries, phone calls that pertain to the accident, and even eyewitness statements. In the most extreme of instances, the victim may need someone else to tell the story for them due to the severity of their injuries. However, word-of-mouth evidence may only help bolster medical records, which are seen as more reliable.

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