Pros and Cons of Settling an Atlanta Infection Malpractice Case

Atlanta infection malpractice cases are complex, and carry an emotional toll for victims. When there is an opportunity to settle an Atlanta infection malpractice case, the pros and cons must be weighed. Settling the case can allow for emotional closure of a difficult experience and avoid the possibility of receiving a bad outcome at trial. Should you choose to go to trial, you forfeit the control you could have if you were to have settled. To understand your case and weigh your options, reach out to a client-focused attorney today.

The Benefits of Settling a Case

One of the primary benefits of settling a case is that the parties are able to exercise some control over the situation. They are able to accept the offer and make the case go away. If they go to trial, they lose that control in the case because a jury of 6 or 12 strangers ends up deciding their case, and they do not have much control over how that result plays out.

That is one of the biggest benefits of settling a case. Another benefit is that they have the opportunity to get some closure on a very traumatic emotional situation. Medical malpractice cases often involve a lot of emotional and difficult times. Settling a case could help them move on from that emotion and chapter in their life as opposed to sitting through a two-week trial and reliving lot of very difficult times in their life. With a case settled, victims can focus on their health and recovering from their injuries.

Does Settling a Case Mean Less Money Awarded to Victims?

Settling the case does not always result in less money being awarded. First of all, if victims were to go to trial and lose, they would get nothing. Settling a case would obviously be a better result than going to trial and losing. If a case has been properly worked up with the best facts and the best evidence for liability developed and the damages are fully explored, outlined, and explained to the other side with cutting-edge technology, victims often end up with a settlement that is either full compensation for their injuries or very close to it.

Potential Problems With Negotiations

The biggest problem people face when settling is understanding what their case is worth. A civil medical malpractice case is not a criminal process. It does not end up with a healthcare provider being put in prison or having their license to practice medicine or nursing taken away. The civil process is about financial compensation for injuries and damages.

How Could the Value of a Case Present as a Problem?

A lot of people have a hard time understanding the value of losing an arm or losing a spouse. It is impossible to put a price on someone’s life. Those are very common and easy-to-understand sentiments, but the very nature of the settlement process is putting a dollar amount to those types of injuries and damages.

Another problem is that while it is good to get some closure and move on from a difficult situation, sometimes people have a hard time with that. This was something very awful that happened and sometimes that does involve the death of a loved one. They want to be sure that they do right by their loved one and that they are able to get justice for what happened, so sometimes letting go and settling a case can be a difficult problem for clients.

An experienced Atlanta infection malpractice lawyer can help victims understand the value of their case and help them determine if settling their case is the right decision.

Avoiding Problems When Settling

There is a way to avoid these problems. The best way is through the advice and counsel of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. An attorney could work with victims throughout the settlement process and help them understand what the process is about. While there is no amount of money that could compensate for the loss of their loved ones, there is an amount of money that could settle a case.

Lawyers could help people understand the process. They help them to understand that this is not a criminal process and this is not about putting anybody in jail, but they could achieve justice through a settlement because the other side is compensating them for something that should not have happened.

Important Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Settlement Offer

Before settling an infection medical malpractice case in Atlanta, the pros and cons that need to be looked at are overall strengths or weaknesses of the case. There needs to be an assessment of what the evidence is in the case with respect to liability and causation, what the expert testimony looks like, the strength of the expert testimony, the strength of the overall record, and evidence with respect to liability.

How strong is the evidence or testimony? How well-defined and well-known is it? All factors need to be looked at including where the lawsuit is located If it is in the Metro Atlanta area, a case may be looked at one way in Fulton County versus Clayton County versus DeKalb County. The venue is where the case would eventually be tried, if not settled, and is another factor that would be looked at before settling a medical malpractice case.

Weigh the Possible Outcomes of an Atlanta Infection Medical Malpractice Case with an Attorney

When you consider the pros and cons of settling an Atlanta infection medical malpractice case, you need to consider all angles. For many victims, a settlement offers them closure. However, a settlement is never assured, which is why relying on the experience of an attorney is ideal. With cutting-edge technology and an in-house medical professional, attorneys could help you find the closure you need. Reach out to speak directly to a lawyer who takes calls after hours and offers a free case review.