Atlanta Fetal Distress Lawyer

An experienced Atlanta fetal distress attorney could help by meeting with the family and taking an in-depth analysis of circumstances of the labor and delivery, understanding what the signs and symptoms were of fetal distress, and what actions or inactions by the healthcare professionals took place that led to the baby’s injuries. An Atlanta fetal distress lawyer would then put together a case which would require a team of experts who are able to describe how the healthcare professionals were negligent and how that negligence caused the injuries to the child. If you suspect negligence on the part of a medical professional, you need to reach out to a team of client-centered attorneys who could put your needs ahead of themselves.

Common Causes of Fetal Distress

There are many possible causes of fetal distress. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Overly lengthy pregnancy,
  • Difficult labor
  • Overly rapid progressing labor, or
  • Overwhelming contractions.

An Atlanta fetal distress lawyer could help you discover which cause victimized your child with the help of an in-house doctor. If there is negligence that is discovered to have caused the distress, that in-house doctor’s help could give attorneys a leg-up in court.

Pitocin’s Effects

Pitocin is a common cause. It could be briefly used to increase the rate of contractions when labor is ongoing for a dangerous amount of time. However, Pitocin could cause distress when it overstimulates the baby because if the contractions come too fast, the baby cannot rest between contractions. In some instances, this could constitute a case of negligence.

Resolving Fetal Distress

This issue of fetal distress is often resolved by giving the mother oxygen, increasing the mother’s fluids, or turning her on one side or the other. If those do not work, oftentimes, it is best resolved by delivering the baby.

Proving the Cause of Fetal Distress with the Help of an Atlanta Attorney

The primary way to prove the cause of fetal distress is to review the labor and delivery records to see what signs of fetal distress were present and what was being done to resolve the problem. Often, that requires looking at not just the notes from the doctors and the nurses but also the fetal monitoring strips, which show the rate of contractions and also how the baby or the fetus’s heart rate was doing during active labor.

If too much Pitocin is given and it is causing too many contractions that are too close together, that could prove that the distress was a doctor or medical practitioner’s fault. That could be proven by reviewing the medical records, looking at the dosages of Pitocin that were given, what the rate of contractions was, and looking at the fetal monitoring strips to see whether there are any decelerations or drops in the baby’s heart rate as a response to the administration of Pitocin. It needs to be shown that the doctor and the nurses failed to recognize that the baby was in distress and did not steps to resolve the distress and keep the baby safe. An Atlanta fetal distress lawyer could rely on his or her cutting edge courtroom technology to easily distill complex medical terminology to a jury.

The Process of a Fetal Distress Case in Atlanta

The process of a fetal distress case starts with a free consultation. Lawyers would sit down with the mother and anyone else who was there at the labor and delivery and get their understanding of what happened and their recollection of the events. The lawyers would then get permission to obtain the mom’s and baby’s medical records. Then they review these medical records, including the fetal monitoring strips, to see what happened. If there are possible signs that there was negligence on behalf of the medical providers, the lawyers pass along that information to an expert witness who then takes a look and confirms. If they confirm that there was a departure of the standard of care, a team of attorneys could proceed to file a lawsuit.

Talk with an Attorney Directly Today

The main advantages of hiring an experienced attorney are having someone who knows what it takes to pursue and present such a case and overcome the many defenses that would be thrown at victims by the healthcare providers. These are complex cases that require numerous experts on both sides. There would be a lot of argument that an injury was not due to anybody’s negligence, but that things happen and sometimes babies have a hard time during delivery. It is important for you to have an experienced lawyer who has seen those arguments, who knows how to argue against them, and put the focus of the attention on the negligent healthcare providers. Call to speak with an attorney who takes calls after hours.