Atlanta Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Lawyer

It is understandably challenging to move beyond the hurt and trauma you and your family have experienced because of a heart attack misdiagnosis in Atlanta. However, lawyers familiar with the circumstances of cases like yours stand ready to meet your needs. An attorney could gather evidence, talk with experts, and bring a claim that holds applicable negligent parties accountable with the goal of reaching a fair price for your losses in mind. All it takes is for you to reach out to an attorney for your free case review.

Common Ways Heart Attacks Are Misdiagnosedf

A common way for a misdiagnosis for heart attacks to occur is when a person presents to the emergency room of a hospital with symptoms of a heart attack, but the emergency room providers send the patient home undiagnosed or untreated and at high risk of death. In these situations, the symptoms that a patient has are written off as heartburn, acid reflux, or something that is not serious when, in reality, the person is experiencing a heart attack.

Frequently, victims are not given stress tests or cardiac calcium tests are misread by medical professionals. In other cases, victims have their chest x-rays misread or misinterpreted for signs of a heart attack.

These events and misdiagnoses happen more often than they should. There are several cases where people present with symptoms and, for one reason or another, they are sent away. As a result of ignored needs, these victims suffer exceptionally consequences.

Fortunately, the law provides routes for victims of heart attack misdiagnoses in Atlanta to recover compensation for their losses. With the help of an in-house medical professional, victims could learn what was not done correctly and how their owed duty of care was ignored.

Who Is At Fault for a Misdiagnosis?

Triage nurses and the emergency room staff might be at fault for the misdiagnosis. They are responsible for recognizing the signs and symptoms and determining how serious the condition is. Floor nurses, the consulting cardiologist who might be called in to examine the patients, interns or medical residents who might be assigned to care for the patient, and other consulting physicians could be liable. They could also have situations where the patient, instead of going to the emergency room, presents to their family doctor or urgent care. Those facilities could possibly be at fault as well.

Next Steps After Learning of a Misdiagnosis

After discovering a misdiagnosis, the absolute first thing a patient should do is make sure that he or she receives appropriate medical care to stabilize his or her cardiac condition. After that, victims of heart attacks in Atlanta that were not diagnosed should contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who could conduct a thorough investigation, meet with expert witnesses, and provide evidence in court or settlement talks with cutting edge technology.

Meet and Speak Directly to a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Atlanta

The trust you place in medical professionals is not something that people who are responsible for your care should take foregranted. Yet, this trust does not guarantee that a medical professional would take the steps necessary to give you the care you need and deserve. When a doctor, nurse, or surgeon does not address your current symptoms with the required and agreed-upon standard of care, this makes the liable for any losses that incur.

For Atlanta victims of a heart attack that was misdiagnosed, recovery could mean trusting in the compassion of a client-centered team of attorneys ready to take your claim of negligence to court or settlement talks. To start your legal pursuit, call for a free case evaluation and to speak directly to an attorney who takes calls after hours.