Statute of Limitations for Atlanta Meningitis Malpractice Cases

If you were hurt by a negligent healthcare provider and only realized it recently, rushing into a prolonged court battle may not seem like the best move to make. While your first priority should be ensuring that you are physically healthy and your condition is properly cared for, it is also crucial not to wait too long before taking legal action against the party who wronged you.

Failing to abide by the statute of limitations in an Atlanta meningitis malpractice case could block you from recovering any compensation whatsoever, which could be catastrophic for your chances of physical and financial recovery. Retaining a seasoned lawyer sooner rather than later is usually the best way to make sure this potential legal obstacle does not negatively impact your claim. To account for any other legal obstacles, attorneys who have access to an in-house doctor and cutting-edge technology could work toward an optimal result for you.

The Applicable Statutory Deadline

In Georgia, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years from the date of injury. When there is a death involving meningitis, the calculation is two years from the date of death.

The statutory period in meningitis malpractice cases starts at the time of death or injury, which occurs in most cases at the time of the misdiagnosis or the negligent act by the healthcare provider. Specifically, it usually begins at the appointment where the medical professional failed to diagnose the individual or provide them with proper treatment.

Though rare, there are some exceptions to the statute of limitations in Atlanta meningitis malpractice cases. If an individual was misdiagnosed and went through a period of time where he or she was not symptomatic but later manifests new symptoms, it could be considered a new injury, and the statute of limitations could be calculated from the later date. However, such circumstances are not often seen in these cases, because meningitis symptoms typically worsen very soon after misdiagnoses.

Medical malpractice cases in Atlanta also have a five-year statute of ultimate repose.  This law says that no medical malpractice case can be brought more than five years after the date on which the negligent or wrongful act or omission occurred.

How Legal Counsel Could Help

Because these cases are often time-sensitive, it is important for people who think they have a meningitis malpractice lawsuit to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible, so that they do not miss the deadline set by the statute of limitations or statute of repose. It can take a while to fully investigate meningitis medical malpractice cases, so giving attorneys enough time to thoroughly investigate such cases helps put potential clients in the best position to succeed.

Experienced attorneys are very much accustomed to calculating and operating within the statute of limitations for various different cases. Usually, they have systems in place to make sure they observe all applicable deadlines in cases, as well as an in-house physician who could help review and investigate cases in a timely manner. With such resources, knowledgeable attorneys could move cases forward efficiently and position clients to receive the greatest possible compensation for their injuries.

Make Sure the Statute of Limitations Does Not Impact your Atlanta Meningitis Malpractice Case

Time is of the essence with any form of medical malpractice case, but given how quickly meningitis symptoms can worsen and cause devastating harm, this is especially true for meningitis malpractice cases. As soon as you think that you might have a claim, you should contact an experienced attorney that very same day.

Once retained, a dedicated legal professional could help you collect relevant evidence, compile it into a convincing case, and take proactive action to pursue compensation on your behalf. Call today to get started on your Atlanta meningitis malpractice case, before the statute of limitations expires. An attorney is waiting to speak to you at all hours and offer a free case review.