Atlanta Post-Operative Complications Lawyer

Depending on the procedure, the risks of surgery can be high for any patient. In the hours and days following surgery, however, the possible risks of post-operative complications may compound if overlooked.

As a patient, you expect medical personnel to prevent common and avoidable complications during surgery, and the post-operative period,  and to educate you about possible complications and prevention strategies.  Sometimes, though, patients fall ill or fail to recover fully from their surgery because of insufficient care they received in the post-operative period.

If you suffered harm because of improper care in the aftermath of your surgery, you made be able to seek damages with assistance from a qualified malpractice attorney. A knowledgeable Atlanta post-operative complications lawyer could review your case and determine if medical malpractice may have taken place.

Examples of Post-Operative Complications

Post-operative complications refer to illnesses that patients acquire as a result of their surgery. Sometimes these problems may be unavoidable, but other times they can be a sign of negligence or ignorance on the part of the medical professional, clinic, or hospital.

Some of the most common forms of post-operative complications include irregular bleeding, swelling, and nerve damage at the surgical site. These can be signs that the surgeon unintentionally nicked adjacent tissue while closing the surgical site or failed to close the incision safely. Additionally, these symptoms can indicate that the post-operative care was insufficient and may be evidence of medical malpractice.

After surgery, the consequences of infection can be serious and life-threatening, and an infection itself could be an indicator of negligence on the part of medical staff. A lawyer specializing in post-op complications in Atlanta may be able to support a patient who suffered due to complications related to his or her surgery.

Medical Malpractice Requirements in Atlanta

The Hippocratic Oath obligates doctors to practice medicine with the utmost care and discretion. The Official Code of Georgia codifies this same expectation for doctors and makes provisions for patients to seek damages when their doctors have not lived up to this standard.

O.C.G.A. §51-1-27 asserts that when a medical professional fails to “exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill” in executing his or her job, patients may seek civil damages. A medical malpractice attorney may be able to help patients meet this statutory requirement and argue his or her case in the courtroom.

Damages in a Post-Operative Complications Case

Medical malpractice damages can be either economic or non-economic in nature. Understanding the difference between the two can be essential before filing a malpractice suit.

Economic damages can be medical bills, lost wages, and other fees levied as a result of complications arising after a medical operation. Usually, proving these damages is more straightforward than proving subjective non-economic losses like undue pain and stress arising from post-op complications.

Securing Representation from an Atlanta Post-Operative Complications Attorney

After surgery, patients adapt their lives to attend subsequent medical check-ups and possible follow-up treatments, as well as follow sanitation procedures and medication regimens—all under the assumption that their healthcare providers are taking every possible precaution to ensure a speedy recovery. The care they receive during this period can greatly affect their recovery and their overall quality of health.

If a doctor, nurse, or medical technician has failed to provide competent care following surgery, you may be able to recover civil damages under Georgia law. Consult an Atlanta post-operative complications lawyer today to see if the problems you faced after surgery may constitute medical malpractice.