Expert Witnesses in an Atlanta Testing Error Case

One of the most important aspects of a medical malpractice case is expert witness testimony. Without an affidavit from an expert, a lawsuit cannot be filed.  At trial, a patient must have testimony from a medical expert to support his or her case. Injured parties can have trouble finding an expert on their own, but an experienced testing error attorney could help.

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Affidavit Requirement for an Inadequate Testing Lawsuit

According to O.C.G.A §9-11-9.1, any medical malpractice lawsuit filed in court must be accompanied by an expert affidavit. In that document, the expert must testify to at least one negligent act or omission by each party that is named in the claim. A local attorney who deals with testing error cases may have the resources to find an expert witness for a victim’s case.

Who is Considered an Expert Witness in a Testing Error Case?

An expert in a medical malpractice case must have recent and relevant experience with the issues presented in the claim. Whether the expert acquired his or her knowledge through practicing or teaching medicine, it should have occurred within at least three of the last five years of the malpractice at issue. These requirements are laid out in O.C.G.A. 24-7-702.

In a testing error case, the expert must have sufficient experience ordering, administering, interpreting, or reporting the test in question. A skilled lawyer could determine if an expert is qualified to speak on a specific case.

Common Positions That Experts Hold in Atlanta

Generally, experts are healthcare professionals who are currently practicing in their field. Attorneys often look for experts who hold the same position as the negligent medical providers in the case. This ensures that the expert can testify that they are put in similar situations as the at-fault parties.

Academic Expert Witnesses

Other times, a lawyer may retain an expert with an academic background. Those who research and write authoritative literature on the subjects involved in the case, and teach providers in the relevant areas, could provide useful testimonies as well.

The Role of an Expert Testimony in a Testing Error Trial

At trial, the role of an expert witness is to educate the jury about the standard of care that is required for the test that occurred. Ultimately, this testimony should highlight how the negligent party breached that standard of care, and how that failure caused the patient’s injury.

The courts scrutinize expert witness testimonies closely. A savvy defense lawyer will take every opportunity to challenge the expert’s opinion.

A defendant may even try to get the testimony thrown out entirely. This would prohibit the expert from speaking at the trial. A lawyer skilled in handling testing error cases could prevent the expert testimony from being thrown out.

An Attorney can Explain the Importance of Expert Witnesses in an Atlanta Testing Error Case

There are many deadlines and requirements to consider when handling a testing error case. Failing to secure an expert testimony could jeopardize your entire case.

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