An Attorney’s Approach to Atlanta Wrongful Death Actions

An attorney’s approach to Atlanta wrongful death actions encompasses many steps. The first is placing your needs at the forefront of any claim. Seeking compensation for your loss would also be found in those numerous steps. Though compensation for a loss cannot bring someone back, it could help you and other surviving heirs grieve as you may need.

With the help of a team of attorneys, you could begin your wrongful death action today.

Reasons to Work with Attorneys Experienced with Wrongful Death Actions

An experienced wrongful death lawyer knows what information is necessary, could acquire that information and develop a case to prove the negligence in a wrongful death action. More importantly, client-centered attorneys are going to understand how to properly assess the value of the life that was lost and how to communicate that to a jury. With the help of a team that uses cutting edge-courtroom presentation technology, heirs of a descendant could rest assured that their case would be heard by opposing parties.

Every life has value, but one has to be able to communicate the value of a particular life that was lost to a jury in a compelling way that would have the jury then award an amount that sufficiently reflects what was lost.

The Value of Compassion

Having a lawyer who is compassionate and understands what the value of the particular person’s life is, is extremely important because having that compassion and understanding help attorneys communicate the loss to a jury. Empathy would actually help attorneys to select a jury that is going to appreciate and take into consideration a lot of the intangible elements of life.

It is simple to show the income someone was making and the financial components of their life, but it is harder to understand and appreciate the intangible components of someone’s life. For example, the ability of a mom to walk with her child at graduation or a father to walk his daughter down the aisle at a wedding are exceptionally challenging to place a dollar value to. If an individual has an attorney who is compassionate and who understands the value of those things, that attorney could adequately communicate the losses someone has experienced to a jury. As for any wrongful death action, surviving heirs would want to use a team of attorneys who have resources available for these cases like cutting edge technology and an in-house doctor.

Attorney Compensation for Wrongful Death Actions

Most wrongful death attorneys do not charge an hourly rate for their work because most people cannot afford it. Therefore, in a wrongful death action, the attorneys would have the surviving party sign a contingency agreement. This means that if the estate does not collect any money, the attorney does not collect anything either. When there is a settlement, the costs expended to work up the lawsuit, filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition fees, costs of mediation and trial would be reimbursed first. Then the balance of the settlement would be given to the estate, except for the percentage of the contingency agreement that was agreed to earlier, which is usually 40%.

Let an Experienced Team Help

Placing a number value to the life that someone had taken from them is a challenging prospect, and while compensation cannot undo what has been done, it could help you and other surviving heirs obtain the peace of mind taken from you. With the help of a team of attorneys who could place your needs at the front of a wrongful death action, you could do just that.

An attorney’s approach to an Atlanta wrongful death action starts during your first free consultation. Reach out today to speak directly to a team member. Attorneys are ready to take calls after hours, so call when you are ready.