Filing a Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Step 3: Proximate Cause

Filing a Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Step 3: Proximate Cause
Feb 11, 2019

Earlier, we discussed the first step to a successful Georgia medical malpractice lawsuit – a duty to conform to the standard of care. Yesterday, we discussed the second step which is establishing a breach of the standard of care. Today, we will discuss the third step – proximate cause. Simply stated, a patient in a medical malpractice case must show that the physician’s conduct is the direct cause of the patient’s injury. Ultimately, a patient must establish that the physician’s conduct, either alone or along with others, caused the patient’s injury. Just like our first two steps, expert testimony is required to establish that the physician’s conduct caused the patient’s injury. Proximate cause is often hotly contested in medical malpractice cases, as physicians will often argue that the patient’s injuries are caused by a condition or circumstance unrelated to the physician’s conduct. This is yet another reason why anyone with a potential Georgia medical malpractice case should consult an experienced Georgia medical malpractice lawyer.

Tomorrow, we will discuss the final element of a medical malpractice lawsuit – damages.


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