Hospitals Blaming Moms for Childbirth Complications

Hospitals Blaming Moms for Childbirth Complications
Apr 8, 2019

A recent article in USA Today looked at several cases around the country where mothers suffered devastating injuries, including death, after delivering a child. Time after time, the hospitals involved blamed the patients for the injuries. In almost every case, the hospitals blamed the mother’s poverty or pre-existing medical conditions, such as obesity or high blood pressure, as the reason for the patient’s injuries.

One patient discussed, was a mother who after delivery had her blood pressure sky rocket. Nurses recorded the blood pressures into her medical records for 3 hours, but seem to have taken no action. Finally, when they started reaching out to doctors, they had a hard time finding one. Some were off-duty, others did not answer. When they finally found someone, he didn’t treat the high blood pressures urgently. This is despite the fact that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has warned doctors that high blood pressures can be “the most important predictor” of a stroke in new mothers which can lead to death if not quickly treated.

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