Perez Takes Leadership Positions in Legal Organizations

Perez Takes Leadership Positions in Legal Organizations
Jul 1, 2019

The Warshauer Law Group is committed to community involvement and engagement in legal organizations. Recently, Michael Perez was sworn in as a board member to the DeKalb County Bar Association during a luncheon which featured DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond as the speaker. The DeKalb Bar Association was founded in 1964 and has a long history of service to the legal community and residents of DeKalb County, Georgia. As a life-long DeKalb County resident, Michael looks forward to serving the DeKalb Bar and the community through his board membership.

The Significance of Appointments

Michael Perez was also recently appointed to the State Bar of Georgia’s Professionalism Committee by the new president of the State Bar, Darrell L. Sutton. The Professionalism Committee is charged with considering and making recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors necessary to advance professionalism in the practice of law. It is concerned with various facets of professionalism including knowledge, technical skill, integrity in relations with both clients and courts, dedication to the law and public good, and providing competent legal services to the public.