Unsafe Household Items Responsible for Millions of Injuries

Jun 9, 2016

Your home is where you feel safe and do not expect anything bad to happen to you, but in reality, many people suffer serious injury or death in their own home. Dangerous condition and products in homes across the United States cause injury to millions of people each year. The following are some common unsafe household items that are commonly responsible for personal injuries:

Cleaning Products: It is not safe to leave the bleach where it may be accessible by kids or pets. The same is true for anything else that you have that is used to clean your house. It is best to keep these unsafe household items on high shelves, far from anything flammable so as to avoid a fire and/or explosions as well as poisoning.

Appliances: In-home appliances post a significant risk of injury. Children get caught and be injured or killed in all kinds of spaces, including washers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, and dryers. Ensure that you lock all appliances when they are not in use and check them for things like kids and pets before using them.

Often times an injury at home could have been prevented if the property safety measures were taken. Other times, such as when an unsafe household item causes and injury, it may not have been avoidable. It is not always the fault of the injured party. In some circumstances, products are defective or unsafe and only through product liability lawsuits are manufacturers of unsafe products alerted to the defects.