Cobb County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

When a person seeks medical treatment, he or she generally is trusting that a medical professional will provide a high standard of care. But every year, medical mistakes happen that result in health complications and even death. The research appears to show that medical errors may now be the third most common cause of death in the United States. If you suffered an injury or your medical situation became worsened due to a medical practitioner’s failure to adhere to an appropriate standard of care, reach out to a Cobb County medical malpractice lawyer.

Depending on the circumstances of the injury different rules and regulations may apply to your case and as a result, a person may be unsure of how to proceed. A dedicated injury attorney could help address concerns regarding the legal process of filing a claim against a negligent doctor or medical provider. Additionally, they could work to determine potential compensation options. Schedule a legal consultation for an opportunity to learn about effective legal solutions that may be appropriate for your case.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice often occurs when the care provider or facility deviates from the recognized standard of care through a negligent act or omission. The standard of care generally is how an average medical professional with similar training and experience would act in a particular set of circumstances.

Since proving a departure from the reasonable care and skill required in the treatment of a patient may be complex, a Cobb County medical malpractice lawyer could help plaintiffs establish wrongdoing. We have an in-house doctor who could review the actions that a doctor took to determine whether they were reasonable.

Common Injuries Due to a Health Care Professional

In Cobb County, medical mistakes could occur among providers in any practice area. However, there are common examples of medical procedures that may count as malpractice. When these occur, a patient may be able to hold their health care provider liable for their injuries.

Failing to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

Delays in diagnosing a condition may cause an injured person to miss treatment opportunities, while a misdiagnosis could cause a physician to spend valuable time treating the wrong condition or deliver inappropriate care that could cause further harm.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are among the most common causes of medical malpractice claims. These types of injuries may arise from several negligent actions by medical providers, including failure to identify complications or respond to fetal distress, improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors, or failure to perform a timely C-section.

Surgical Errors

While not common, surgeons could make mistakes during a procedure, such as causing nerve damage or leaving a foreign object in the patient’s body. In addition, anesthesiologists could be negligent when they administer an inappropriate amount or the wrong type of anesthesia.

Medication Mistakes

These types of mistakes could include both errors in prescribing as well as in administering medication, including missed doses. The mistakes could occur at various points in care delivery, beginning with dispensing at the pharmacy.

Medical Malpractice Laws in Cobb County

In Cobb County, medical malpractice claims are typically governed by O.C.G.A. 9-9-60. The section generally defines medical malpractice causes of action as those that may result from an injury or death caused by medical diagnosis, treatment, or care provided by an individual or facility authorized to do so.

Other state laws that may affect medical malpractice claims include those that specify certain filing requirements, including:

  • Expert affidavit – in any medical malpractice claim, the plaintiff typically must submit an affidavit by an expert who could specify a factual basis for at least one negligent act or omission
  • Statute of limitations – in most cases, plaintiffs have two years to file a medical malpractice lawsuit

Reaching Out to a Cobb County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be complicated. An experienced Cobb County medical malpractice lawyer could help present your case in court and work on behalf of your best interests. Allowing a skilled injury attorney to advocate for you may reduce the level of stress felt while filing a lawsuit. Schedule an appointment today to further discuss your potential legal options.