Cobb County Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

Shoulder dystocia is a birth injury that occurs when a baby’s shoulders get caught inside the mother’s pelvis during labor and delivery. This type of condition is not common, but when it does happen, the consequences can be devastating for the newborn and the mother.

If you recently had a baby whose shoulders became trapped during delivery, you should call a compassionate birth injury lawyer. You might be able to take legal action against the medical providers involved in your delivery. Consider retaining a Cobb County shoulder dystocia lawyer to assist with your claim.

How Can a Medical Error Lead to Shoulder Dystocia?

There are certain signs that reasonable medical providers should look out for to prevent shoulder dystocia. For example, if the baby is large, the mother has gestational diabetes, or the patient’s previous birth resulted in shoulder dystocia, it may be safer to perform a c-section than attempt a vaginal birth. Failing to take those factors into account could be considered a medical error.

In other cases, the medical provider may use excessive force or traction to pull out the baby, causing his or her shoulders to get stuck. If a mother believes an error led to her shoulder dystocia, she should talk to an attorney about her legal options.

Common Injuries Resulting from Trapped Shoulders During Birth

Shoulder dystocia can cause several types of injuries to the mother, including lacerations, vaginal tears, and uterine rupture. A severe injury such as uterine atony might also occur. This condition arises when the uterus fails to contract after the delivery, often leading to postpartum hemorrhage—heavy bleeding after birth.

Injuries to the Baby

The baby can also suffer injuries from shoulder dystocia. A newborn might develop Klumpke’s palsy, which is an injury to the lower spinal cord nerves that causes paralysis in the baby’s lower arms and hands. Erb’s palsy is an injury to the upper nerves, which can lead to partial paralysis in the baby’s arm.

If it takes too long to dislodge the baby’s shoulders, it could cause oxygen deprivation. Lack of oxygen can lead to developmental delays or cerebral palsy, a neurological disability. An experienced lawyer could help a mother seek damages for herself and her child if shoulder dystocia caused harm to them both.

What Evidence is Required to Build a Strong Malpractice Case in Cobb County?

To build a strong case, the injured mother should gather all medical records related to her pregnancy, including documentation of the maneuvers used during labor and delivery. These records can provide valuable information about indications that the baby would become trapped during delivery. Medical records related to follow-up treatment after the delivery error would also be beneficial to a malpractice claim.

The filing party will also need a qualified expert witness to review the case and state how the medical providers in question deviated from the standard of care, injuring the mother or baby. A seasoned local attorney could help a mother get in touch with such an expert when filing a shoulder dystocia claim.

Contact a Cobb County Shoulder Dystocia Attorney

If you suspect you or your child was injured due to a medical error during the labor and delivery process, you should consult with an attorney. There are strict deadlines for filing a lawsuit, and thorough investigations take time to conduct. Work with a Cobb County shoulder dystocia lawyer to determine if there is enough evidence to support a valid claim for medical malpractice.