Cobb County Surgical Error Lawyer

When you undergo a surgical procedure, you should be able to trust the medical providers operating on you. Unfortunately, healthcare practitioners are not always as reliable as you may hope. If a negligent medical provider committed a preventable error before, during or after surgery that caused you to suffer severe injuries, you may have a valid legal claim.

A Cobb County surgical error lawyer could help you investigate the incident and determine whether you have legal standing to demand compensation. Reach out to one of our dedicated medical malpractice attorneys today to learn more.

Distinguishing Between a Poor Outcome and a Surgical Error

When a doctor suggests that a patient undergo an operation, the hope is that the procedure will help that individual with his or her condition. However, surgeries are not always successful. Even if the medical team takes every precaution and performs the procedure perfectly, there is still a chance the surgery will be unsuccessful.

In cases such as these, a medical malpractice lawsuit would not be warranted. Patients may only pursue legal action if a breach in the standard of care caused their injuries. A lawyer familiar with surgical error cases could help patients determine whether they have a valid case.

What is the Standard of Care in Cobb County?

All medical professionals in Cobb County must operate within the standard of care for their field. This means the medical provider operating on a patient should exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill.

Standards for medical professionals are generally set by the common practices in the profession, guidelines issued by professional organizations, medical journals, and medical literature. These entities create regulations for healthcare providers based on research and scientific evidence. When a violation of the standard of care results in injury to a patient, a lawyer could help the patient hold the medical providers liable in civil court.

Common Examples of Surgical Errors

There are many potential errors a medical provider could make before, during, or after surgery. One common mistake is failing to check if a patient is an ideal candidate for a particular surgery. Some procedures are better suited for particular patients, and performing the procedure on a non-ideal patient could lead to severe complications.  For example, some elderly patients may not be able to undergo surgery without severe risk of complications.

Other errors can occur during the procedure. For example, if a surgeon takes unnecessary risks or attempts to operate on more than one patient at the same time, it can cause significant harm. A surgeon may also unintentionally leave a foreign object in the patient’s body.

Many surgical error cases involve a failure to recognize and quickly address complications that become apparent during the post-operative period. There should be nurses monitoring the patient’s vitals after surgery to ensure nothing goes wrong. Patients who have experienced any of these types of surgical errors should get in touch with a lawyer in Cobb County as soon as possible.

Potential Consequences of a Surgical Error

Many surgical errors become clear immediately after surgery. However, when the medical provider does not notice the complication immediately, the patient may experience extreme pain, swelling, redness, and infection at the surgery site.

Surgical errors can have catastrophic outcomes. Injured patients may suffer permanent disabilities, such as paralysis or nerve damage. In the most severe cases, the error could result in death. An experienced local attorney could work with injured patients and families to build a surgical error case based on their specific experiences.

Proving Liability in a Legal Claim

In all surgical error cases, the patient must demonstrate the three main elements of negligence. Injured parties must show a failure to meet the standard of care. Then, they must prove that the breach of the standard of care caused their injuries. Lastly, patients must prove they suffered legal damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and suffering. A diligent attorney could help injured patients calculate their damages after a surgical error.

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