Cobb County Product Liability Lawyer

Thousands of people suffer serious injuries or death each year because of defective consumer products. If a defective vehicle, medicine, electronic device, sporting equipment, or any other consumer product has harmed you, you may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer for financial compensation through a product liability lawsuit.

Cases involving product defects can be complex, and you may benefit from having an experienced Cobb County product liability lawyer on your side to help you understand your rights and make informed decisions. A compassionate personal injury attorney understands the pressure you are under and could work to help ease your burden.

Product Liability Law in Cobb County

The central provision of Georgia’s product liability laws is found in O.C.G.A. 51-1-11(b). Under this law, manufacturers of products are strictly liable for the injuries their products cause if the evidence shows the product in question (a) was not “merchantable and reasonably suited for its intended use” and (b) the condition of the product when sold was the “proximate cause” of an injury. “Proximate cause” is a legal term for an event related closely enough to an injury to be deemed the cause of the injury.

Courts applying Georgia’s product liability statute have set out four essential elements for product liability cases. To be successful, a plaintiff alleging injury from a product defect must prove:

  • The product was defective at the time of the injury;
  • The defect in the product proximately caused the injury;
  • At the time of the injury, the product was still in the same condition as when it was sold; and
  • The product was being used as it was intended or in a way that the manufacturer reasonably could foresee.

Someone pursuing a product liability case in Georgia should assess the evidence that supports each of these elements. A Cobb County product liability lawyer assessing a case could consider all of the above concerns as well as factors such as how many others the product has harmed in the past, what actions the manufacturer could have taken to prevent the defect, whether the manufacturer followed applicable government or industry standards, and other evidence that may help establish liability.

Product liability cases can be complex and require substantial legal and technical expertise. Anyone considering pursuing a case in Cobb County involving possible product defects should consider conferring with an experienced product liability attorney in deciding whether to pursue their case.

Types of Product Defects

As mentioned above, any product liability case in Cobb County will involve at least one defect in the product in question. A seasoned lawyer will look for at least one of three types of defects in assessing the strength of a case. These are:

  • Defect in design;
  • Defect in manufacturing; and
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions or warnings.

Defectively designed products are products that are inherently dangerous and do not safely accomplish their intended purposes. A product with a defect in manufacturing would be one that was properly designed for its intended purpose but was improperly made. The third type of case involves the failure to provide adequate instructions or warnings about a product. These types of claims often involve a product that is dangerous in some way that is not obvious and requires consumers to take precautions in using it.

Most cases are not simple and may require a thorough investigation to determine exactly what product defect or defects may be to blame in a product injury case. Some cases may involve multiple defects or more than one type of defect. In advising about product liability, a dedicated Cobb County product liability attorney could consider various potential defects that may have been factors in an injury.

Ask a Cobb County Product Liability Attorney For Help

Product liability lawsuits are often more costly and complex than other personal injury cases. They can require extensive investigation and the involvement of technical experts. Therefore, the success of a case can depend on having a skilled Cobb County product liability lawyer on your side with an understanding of the demands of these cases.

Your passionate personal injury attorney could help you stay informed so you can make the best decisions for your case. Call today to schedule a free consultation.