DeKalb County Negligent Security Lawyer

Every landowner typically has a legal responsibility to protect guests on their land. When most people consider this, they may believe this responsibility extends to warning guests about hazards on the land or to protect them from structural defects. If you were injured by compromised security on another individual’s private property, consult a DeKalb County negligent security lawyer who could help by reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding a person’s case.

If a landowner acted negligently by ignoring or failing to provide adequate security to a guest on their property, a person could work with a dedicated injury attorney to file for compensation. In many instances, injuries from the lack of security on a property are severe. A person could face a mugger or experience an assault which may lead to extensive injuries such as broken bones. Compensation could help address unexpected medical bills. Call to schedule a meeting today.

The Legal Responsibilities of DeKalb County Landowners to Visitors

In general, landowners often have a duty to provide a safe environment for all visitors on their land. However, Georgia law concerning this legal concept is known as premises liability and is typically more complicated than that.

DeKalb County separates visitors onto private land into three categories which may include invitees, licensees, and trespassers. Generally, a landowner has no responsibility to protect a trespasser from any accidental harm since they enter the land without permission. However, the same could be said for licensees who are invited onto land for a social occasion. The owner must only avoid intentionally injuring these visitors.

Invitees generally enter the land with the owner’s permission for a business purpose. They typically must be protected by landowners from foreseeable harm. O.C.G.A. §51-3-1 states that landowners may need to take ordinary care to keep their land free from harm. This also may include keeping occupants safe from criminal activity. A DeKalb County negligent security lawyer could help an injured person better understand their rights as visitors on private property.

Frequent Examples of Negligent Security

Landowners generally recognize that crimes could occur and often take steps to protect visitors onto their property. Whether these steps may be sufficient to meet the requirements of Georgia law could be a question for a jury. However, there are certain patterns of behavior or failures on the part of landowners that are strongly indicative of negligent security practices. These commonly may include:

  • Not having proper, working locks on all doors and ground-level windows
  • Not having adequate lighting in common areas or outside spaces
  • Bars and shopping malls should have a trained security force
  • Failing to utilize security cameras
  • Not responding to cries for help

A DeKalb County negligent security lawyer could work to investigate the alleged illegal activity or attack, as well as to evaluate the security plans and equipment in place that may have emboldened or enabled an offender. They could also form demand packages alleging that the landowner was complicit to the attack by failing to have proper security in place.

Let a DeKalb County Negligent Security Attorney Help

If you were injured when visiting another person’s property due to the landowner’s inability or failure to provide proper protection, contact a DeKalb County negligent security lawyer. A seasoned injury attorney could examine your case and potentially help demonstrate how the landowner may have failed in taking adequate security measures. Arrange for an appointment today and begin discussing legal options that may be effective for your case.