Fulton County Cesarean Section Malpractice Lawyer

A cesarean section is a surgical delivery performed by making an incision in the abdomen to remove the baby from the uterus. These types of deliveries are often performed when a vaginal birth is unsafe.

If you suffered harm during a c-section due to the negligence of your medical provider, you could take legal action. With the help of a Fulton County cesarean section malpractice lawyer, you could hold the responsible parties liable for their actions and recover the financial compensation you need. Reach out to a dedicated labor and delivery error attorney for help with your case.

When is a Cesarean Section Typically Performed?

C-sections are often performed when the doctor decides it is a safer course of action than vaginal delivery. A medical provider might recommend a cesarean if labor is not progressing properly. For example, if a patient’s cervix is not dilating despite having hours of contractions, a doctor may perform a c-section to limit or reduce the risk of harm to the baby.

Another factor doctors should consider before ordering a cesarean is the position of the baby. A vaginal birth may not be safe if the baby is in a breech or transverse position.

Additionally, if a mother has had a c-section in the past, there may be a risk of uterine rupture with a vaginal birth. In these situations, a doctor would typically recommend another surgical delivery. An attorney who focuses on cesarean section malpractice cases could provide more information about the reasons for surgical delivery.

What are the Risks Associated with C-Sections?

There are many potential risks associated with cesarean sections. Babies who are born via c-section risk being cut during the initial incision. Additionally, newborns delivered surgically are more likely to have breathing-related problems in the early days of their lives.

For mothers, potential risks may include:

  • Heavy bleeding,
  • Infection in the uterus,
  • Blood clots,
  • Injuries to the bladder or bowel, or
  • Complications from incision scars.

These types of issues must be addressed quickly, as they could lead to more serious conditions. For example, an untreated or undiagnosed infection can cause sepsis and eventually lead to death. Blood clots can also be fatal if they travel to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

Obtaining Consent for a Surgical Delivery

Due to the many risks associated with c-sections, mothers must give consent for this type of surgery. In most cases, an obstetrician will discuss the possibility of a cesarean section with the patient to get consent in the event that it is necessary to perform a surgical delivery.

If there’s an emergency, the medical team may determine that a c-section must be done, and consent may not be obtained. Mothers who did not consent to a surgical delivery should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible to discuss their legal options. In no circumstance, should a consent stand in the way of a mother reaching out to an attorney to discuss her legal options.  While a person can consent to a procedure, they cannot consent to a provider failing to meet the standard of care.

Proving Liability in a Malpractice Claim in Fulton County

To build a strong case for medical negligence, a lawyer must first conduct a thorough investigation and gather all relevant evidence, including witness testimony and medical records. By reviewing the patient’s medical records, an attorney could learn how the c-section was performed, what symptoms the mother experienced after the surgery, and what treatment she received.

Additionally, legal counsel must obtain a qualified medical expert who has experience with cesarean sections. The role of the expert witness is to explain how the failure to meet the standard of care caused the patient’s injuries. This expert witness could also discuss how the patient’s injuries will cause future issues that may require medical care.

How is Liability Assigned in an Emergency C-Section Case?

If an emergency surgical delivery was necessary, a medical provider may be at fault if there was an unreasonable delay of the surgery. If the procedure was timely, a lawyer must prove liability by demonstrating that a reasonable physician in a similar situation would not have made a particular error.

Any mothers who have suffered damages after having a c-section should talk to a lawyer to find out if they have a viable malpractice claim. After establishing negligence, a patient could recover damages for loss of income, past and present medical expenses past, and pain and suffering. If the surgical delivery resulted in the death of the mother or the baby, the patient’s family could work with a legal professional to obtain compensation.

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