Fulton County Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

Taking action after you suffer an injury from a medical professional’s negligence is understandably challenging. Wrongdoers are often protected by large insurance companies and seasoned defense firms. Thankfully, a Fulton County anesthesia errors lawyer could help you. A team of client-focused attorneys could review your case and help you form a plan for your future recovery. Choose to work with a team that could utilize the experience of an in-house doctor and cutting-edge technology to obtain a favorable court result.

Negligence Versus Medical Negligence

There is an important distinction to be made between ordinary negligence and medical negligence. The burden of proof on the part of the victim is somewhat elevated when bringing a claim against a medical professional.

What is Ordinary Negligence?

Negligence occurs when someone commits an unintentional tort, which causes injury to another person. Unintentional torts are civil wrongs, actions viewed by the law as wrongful, and could hold the wrongdoer civilly liable for damages. Victims are required to prove that the wrongdoer owed them a duty of care, that he or she breached that duty, amounting to negligent conduct, which caused the victims’ injuries or illnesses.

What Constitutes Medical Negligence?

The key difference between ordinary negligence and medical negligence lies within the standard of care element. In both cases, victims must prove to the court that wrongdoers caused their injuries and that their injuries are compensable. However, the standard of care owed between one ordinary citizen and another is different than the standard of care that a doctor owes his or her patient.

A physician’s duties arise from her doctor-patient relationship. A doctor or other medical professional is required to act with the type of care that ordinary prudent health care professionals with the same training, experience, and circumstances would in like or similar circumstances. In most cases, an anesthesia errors victim would have to pursue a wrongdoer under the medical negligence standard if he or she wished to recover compensation.

Potential Recovery for Anesthesia Errors in Fulton County

Suffering an illness or injury as a result of an anesthesia error could result in a number of costly treatments. Some patients might be required to pay for continuing treatment or rehabilitation for their conditions. Other patients might be enduring extensive pain and suffering in connection with their injury or illness.

Economic damages allow victims to seek reimbursement for the monetary expenses that they have incurred as a result of their injuries. Common examples of economic damages include medical bills, lost wages, as well as out-of-pocket expenses that were caused by the anesthesia error. Noneconomic damages compensate victims for the emotional losses that they have endured as a result of the error. Pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life, are common noneconomic damages.

How a Fulton County Anesthesia Errors Attorney Could Help

Fighting against insurance companies and defense attorneys could be a stressful experience when facing it alone. Fortunately, you do not have to pursue action by yourself. A Fulton County anesthesia errors lawyer could help you fight for the relief you seek. Attorneys could guide you throughout the process, and stand by your side, advocating for your right to recover. Start exploring your options, call now, and schedule a free consultation while speaking directly to an attorney who takes calls after hours.