Hapeville Surgical Errors Lawyer

Most of the time, a surgical procedure results in the improvement of a patient’s health. However, that is rarely the case when a mistake occurs during surgery. Surgical errors are a dangerous form of medical malpractice that takes a tremendous toll on a patient’s health. A skilled surgical errors attorney might be able to help a victim of surgical errors recover monetary compensation for his or her injuries through the use of cutting-edge courtroom technology and an in-house doctor.

If you are the victim of surgical error, you are entitled to seek compensation from the doctor or surgeon responsible for your injuries. These cases are complex, however, which is why you may benefit from the guidance of a Hapeville surgical errors lawyer.

Common Types of Surgical Errors

Every surgery carries a risk. Even supposedly “minor” operations still involve invasive procedures that could lead to injury or illness if not done properly. Some risks are unavoidable. Even under the best conditions, a patient could die when everything goes right. However, many surgery complications are a direct result of mistakes made by a surgeon.

There are too many types of preventable surgical errors to count. However, some of the most common errors that occur during surgery include:

  • Operating on the wrong body party;
  • Performing the wrong procedure;
  • Damaging healthy skin and organs;
  • Failing to identify or address complications during surgery;
  • Failing to monitor internal bleeding;
  • Utilizing unsterile instruments during the procedure; and
  • Anesthesia errors.

Following a surgical error, it is crucial to seek legal advice right away. A Hapeville surgical error attorney could review the medical records and advise injured patients on the strength of their claim.

Recoverable Losses in a Surgical Errors Lawsuit

When a Hapeville surgical errors attorney files a lawsuit, there is a variety of damages available in most cases. The circumstances of the surgical injury play a major role in any damage award. Some commonly awarded damages in surgery error cases include:

Medical Bills

Medical bills are often at the center of a surgical error lawsuit. When these injuries occur, the victim likely requires additional medical treatment. What’s more, in many cases involving surgical injuries, the underlying issue remains untreated. That often requires additional surgeries or treatments for both injuries. The compensation sought and received through a surgical errors case could cover both past and future medical costs.

Lost Wages

When the consequences of a medical injury are severe, they could prevent the victim from returning to work for a significant amount of time. When that happens, the injured person has the right to seek monetary compensation for any lost wages during that period.

Pain and Suffering

Victim may also recover compensation for the physical pain and suffering they experienced due to the surgical error. While the Georgia legislature has previously attempted to cap non-economic damages like pain and suffering, the Georgia Supreme Court struck down the law. In other words, a jury is not limited in the price tag they place on a victim’s suffering.

How a Hapeville Surgical Errors Attorney Could Help

The potential for serious injury following a surgical error is high. These injuries could damage or destroy healthy organs or worsen the underling medical issue the surgery was intended to correct.

If you are living with the consequences of a surgical error, you deserve monetary compensation for your injuries. To discuss your legal options, contact a Hapeville surgical errors lawyer immediately. An attorney is ready to speak with you during a free consultation and takes calls after hours.