Marietta Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury to your spinal cord through no fault of your own, you could benefit from going over your case with a dedicated personal injury attorney who could build a case with the help of an in-house medical professional. A Marietta spinal cord injury lawyer could assist you with evaluating your injuries, identifying the responsible party, filing a claim for compensation, and using cutting-edge presentation technology to win compensation.

Spinal Cord Injury Claims

The portion of the spine that suffers the injury often determines how widespread the paralysis is. Damage to the lower part of the spinal cord between the shoulder blades and the pelvis could result in paraplegia. Paraplegia involves paralysis of the body below the waist. With this injury, the person maintains the full use of his or her upper body, though, these injuries impact the ability to walk, as well as control of the bladder and bowels.

Damage to the spinal cord near the neck or the base of the skull could lead to quadriplegia. Quadriplegia is paralysis from the neck down. It impacts not only the lower body, but the arms and upper torso as well. Severe injuries could even leave a person unable to breathe on his or her own.

Each form of paralysis could significantly limit an injury victim’s ability to meet his or her own basic needs. Once-independent people could quickly become reliant on others for the simplest tasks. In some cases, a person with severe spinal cord damage will require 24-hour assistance.

In addition to the physical effects of paralysis, the mental impact cannot be understated. For many, the loss of their independence could lead to severe depression. Others struggle with mental anguish from reliving the accident itself.

Compensation Specific to Spinal Cord Claims

When a Marietta spinal cord injury attorney files a claim, he or she often seeks the same type of compensation available in any personal injury lawsuit. Recouping the expense of medical bills is often a major factor in these claims. Likewise, obtaining compensation for both past and future lost wages is also common.

Other forms of compensation are less common outside of spinal cord claims. Due to the high risk of paralysis following a spinal injury, much of the compensation in these lawsuits is aimed towards mobility. If a spinal cord injury has rendered the victim unable to walk under his or her own power, that victim could recover compensation for a power scooter or other mobility device. In some cases, the court could award damages for the cost of making the victim’s vehicle wheelchair accessible.

Other modifications are also common. Many homes are not designed with wheelchairs in mind. Compensation from a spinal cord injury lawsuit could cover the cost of widening doorways, installing lifts, or building a ramp to the front door of the home. An experienced Marietta spinal cord injury attorney could have an understanding of these requirements and work to obtain the compensation a victim needs.

Call a Marietta Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

It is impossible to put a dollar amount on a spinal cord injury. No amount of money is able to turn back the clock or reverse an injury. However, a successful civil lawsuit could help you cover the expenses related to your changing lifestyle.

If you are prepared to move forward with your claim, a Marietta spinal cord injury lawyer could help you every step of the way. When you are ready, reach out to speak with a dedicated attorney directly. Legal professionals could take your calls after hours and review your case free of charge.