Marietta Wrong Procedure Lawyer

If a doctor performed the wrong surgery and caused you to sustain injuries, you need to speak with a Marietta wrong procedure lawyer. A personal injury attorney who utilizes an in-house doctor and cutting-edge technology could help you more fully understand your legal rights and seek all compensation due to you.

Who Might Be At Fault for a Malpractice Case?

Besides doctors, sometimes, the negligence of other members of medical teams such as nurses or technicians could contribute to a surgical error. Additionally, if the negligent medical provider is an employee of the hospital, the medical facility could be vicariously liable for the patient’s injuries as well.

It is essential to understand that while wrong procedures are most commonly caused by medical negligence, a presumption of malpractice is not automatic. When electing to pursue compensation, the victim in a wrong procedure lawsuit needs to prove that the doctor or other healthcare worker was negligent.

Proving Negligence in a Wrong Procedure Negligence Claim

There are four elements you must prove to establish medical negligence — duty, breach, causation, and harm. If it is proven that a medical professional owes his or her patient a duty of care, breaches that duty, and causes the patient’s injuries, that medical professional is then liable for the patient’s subsequent losses.

In many cases, wrongdoers alleged that the victim was at least partially responsible for his or her injuries. If the patient bears partial responsibility for his or her damages, he or she could still obtain compensation, provided that the patient is 49 percent or less responsible for incurred losses. Any percentage of legal responsibility assigned to the victim could reduce his or her recoverable compensation accordingly. Thankfully, a Marietta attorney could assess the series of events that led to a person’s wrong surgery and pursue financial recovery from all the liable parties.

How Wrong Procedures Occur

Negligence in the pre-operative planning stages is one of the most common reasons for wrong procedures. Lack of communication between staff, insufficient rest periods for the surgical team, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and improper marking of the surgical area commonly result in the wrong procedure being performed on a patient. A Marietta wrong procedure attorney would work diligently to pinpoint how the medical error happened and with whom the fault lies.

Injuries from Wrong Procedures

Not surprisingly, when patients undergo the wrong surgery, they may be left dealing with severe injuries and complications. Often, one or more revision surgeries are needed to correct issues from the wrong procedure or attend to the condition the patient was originally undergoing surgery for. Wrong procedure injuries include removal of an otherwise healthy organ, bleeding, infections, vision or hearing impairment, amputations, nerve damage, and brain damage.

A Marietta Wrong Procedure Lawyer Could Offer Legal Counsel

A Marietta wrong procedure lawyer could help you seek just financial recovery for your damages and injuries. You could recover financial compensation for your losses and work toward returning to a sense of normalcy.

If you were subjected to a wrong procedure and suffered injuries as a result, it is vital to seek legal representation as soon as possible to determine your legal options. Call at any time to speak to an attorney who takes calls after hours and offers a free case review.