Savannah Birth Injury Lawyer

Pregnant patients generally go into labor and delivery rooms with the expectation that their newborn child will be healthy. Unfortunately, medical professionals can make mistakes that result in devastating injuries to the baby.

If you believe a delivery room mistake could be the cause for your child’s health condition, you should consider hiring a medical malpractice attorney. Our skilled Savannah birth injury lawyers could help you pursue compensation on your baby’s behalf and work to hold the negligent party responsible.

Understanding Birth Injuries

Complications that occur during pregnancy, labor, or delivery could all be considered birth injuries. Not all birth injuries and defects are preventable, but medical professionals should be able to prevent many complications with proper care.

Doctors, midwives, and nurses are trained to look for problems that could lead to birth complications. Some of the potential issues that may lead to birth injuries include:

  • Medical staff failing to order appropriate prenatal tests as indicated by the pregnancy
  • Suboptimal birth positioning, such as a baby in transverse or breach position
  • The baby getting stuck in the birth canal
  • The doctor waiting too long to perform a cesarean section
  • Medical staff inadequately monitoring the mother or baby’s health throughout the labor and delivery process
  • The baby sustaining injuries due to the doctor’s misuse of forceps or a vacuum
  • The baby receiving insufficient oxygen during the delivery process
  • Doctors failing to diagnose and treat infections or other conditions accurately

With their training and experience, qualified medical providers should be able to spot any potential problems that could lead to birth complications. Concerned parents should meet with a local attorney if they believe they did not receive adequate care during pregnancy, labor, or delivery and their baby suffered a birth injury as a result.

Common Causes and Consequences of Birth Complications

Some birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, come from prolonged oxygen deprivation to the baby during the delivery process. Physical trauma during the delivery can also cause injuries to a baby.

For example, if a doctor mishandles a baby during delivery with forceps, a baby may suffer damage to his or her muscular, neurological, or skeletal system. These injuries could result in conditions, such as a broken collar bone, Erb’s palsy, brain damage, spinal cord damage, or even paralysis. Additionally, mothers and babies could sustain serious harm if they do not receive the necessary care for an infection.

Though some birth complications, like broken bones, are immediately apparent, others may not appear until the child grows up and does not meet certain cognitive and physical development benchmarks. A lawyer in Savannah could help parents review their medical records to determine if a medical professional made a mistake that caused their child’s birth injury.

Proving Liability in a Savannah Birth Injury Case

In a medical malpractice case, filing parties need to prove that a medical professional was negligent. Healthcare providers must meet the standard of care for their specialty. Each doctor, nurse, or midwife must act according to the same standard of care that another reasonable professional would use in a similar specific situation.

The court may not hold a doctor liable for malpractice if the injured party cannot prove liability. A seasoned attorney could work with parents to find evidence proving the negligence of a medical professional caused their baby’s birth injury.

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If you believe that your child sustained injuries as a result of a medical professional’s mistakes during labor and delivery, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The attorneys at our firm could work with our in-house doctor to build your case and address all your needs throughout legal proceedings. Reach out to a Savannah birth injury lawyer today to schedule a free initial consultation.