Savannah Prescription Drug Errors Lawyer

While prescription drugs could be incredibly useful and may provide people with a better quality of life, they also could be incredibly dangerous. With the array of powerful medications on the market, even a minor prescription drug error could result in serious and even life-threatening complications. If you suffered because of a prescription, it is important to examine whether this error was due to negligence.

A prescription drug error could be the basis of a medical malpractice action when a doctor fails to exercise the degree of reasonable care and skill expected of a doctor or medical professional under similar conditions and circumstances. O.C.G.A. § 51-1-27

If you were injured because of a prescription drug mistake, contact a Savannah prescription drug error lawyer. A team skilled malpractice attorneys could evaluate your claim to determine whether you have a legal action against a health care provider for making a prescription error.

The Expert’s Role in a Prescription Drug Error Lawsuit

Prescription errors are typically filed as medical malpractice claims, which are essentially a type of negligence claim. As defined by Anthony v. Chambless, 231 Ga. App. 657, 500 S.E.2d 402 (1998), a person in a medical malpractice claim may need to prove that:

  • A doctor owed him or her a duty of care
  • The doctor breached this duty
  • As a proximate result of this breach, the plaintiff suffered an injury

Medical malpractice lawsuits typically focus on whether there has been a breach of this duty of care.

In Georgia, there is a presumption that a duly licensed doctor or medical professional will exercise the requisite degree of care, skill, and diligence. Hailey v. Blalock, 209 Ga. App. 345, 433 S.E.2d 337 (1993). To overcome this presumption, a plaintiff must have an expert testify that the defendant doctor breached his professional duty. This makes it important to work with a team that includes both experienced prescription drug errors lawyers in Savannah and a knowledgeable in-house doctor.

Calculating Settlements in Savannah

While many people may want to know how much their lawsuit is worth, this answer may not be so clear and could require a thorough examination of the surrounding circumstances and the impact of a prescription drug error now and in the future. A Savannah prescription drug errors lawyer could help calculate an estimated amount a case may be worth by evaluating and calculating several areas.

Medical Expenses Incurred

This might include both current and future medical bills, and extend to ongoing care including physical therapy and rehabilitation. Every medical expense covered by the claim must have resulted from the error in question.

Lost Wages

A prescription drug error might result in missed time from work. To calculate this area of losses, an experienced attorney could look into the wages that were lost already and the future wages that may be lost due to ongoing care or decreased functionality.

Pain and Suffering

While the abovementioned categories may be relatively easy to calculate, a prescription drug error could also result in significant pain and suffering. While this is typically harder to quantify in a dollar amount, it is important to a prescription drug error lawsuit.

How a Savannah Prescription Drug Error Attorney Could Help

Prescription drug errors are very serious, and even a minor error, which may include prescribing or administering too much medication, could result in serious and long-term injuries. A Savannah prescription drug error lawyer could work to secure the compensation you deserve following a prescription drug error. Call today for a free consultation.