Savannah Truck Accident Lawyer

While the trucking industry is important to the American way of life, it is also at times dangerous. Even though there are strict federal standards regulating the safety of the trucking industry, thousands of people every year are impacted by tractor-trailer accidents. When commercial truck drivers and trucking companies place profits above safety, their negligence sometimes leads to severe injuries or even death for other people on the road.

If you were recently injured in an 18-wheeler accident, reach out to a Savannah truck accident lawyer for a case evaluation. With a personal injury attorney’s guidance, you may find that you are entitled to compensation for all you have endured.

Liability and Damages in Savannah Truck Accidents

To be liable for a semi-truck accident, the negligent driver in the case must have had a duty of care to keep others safe and somehow breached that duty. For example, a truck operator has a duty to perform safety checks on his or her vehicle. If the driver fails to do so and misses a defect which later causes an accident, that driver has breached his or her duty of care to other drivers on the road.

In addition to liability, the victim’s Savannah truck accident attorney must also prove that his or her client suffered an injury and compensable damages because of the accident. Without damages, there is nothing for the court to award compensation for.

Recoverable damages may include a wide range of losses, expenses, or negative changes the victim has suffered due to his or her injuries from a collision. Damages following a truck crash might include:

  • Past and future lost wages;
  • Property damage;
  • Past and future medical bills;
  • Rehabilitation expenses;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of society;
  • Mental anguish; and/or
  • Loss of consortium.

Could the Injured Party Have Liability?

In some tractor-trailer accidents, the injured party may have played a role in causing the collision or the injuries he or she experienced. If the attorneys of the driver in question can show that the hurt party has liability, it may impact his or her ability to recover for his or her damages.

If a claimant is less than 50 percent at fault, he or she would still be entitled to compensation under O.C.G.A § 51-12-33. However, the hurt party’s degree of fault would be used to proportionally reduce the compensation he or she receives. Savannah truck accident lawyers could help determine what an accident victim’s case is potentially worth, and if he or she may have liability that could reduce his or her compensation. A claimant who is shown to be more than 50 percent at fault would not be entitled to recover.

Schedule a Consultation with a Savannah Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor-trailer accidents are complex, involving many legal, medical, and traffic regulations. An understanding Savannah truck accident lawyer who is not afraid to stand up to big trucking companies and their insurance providers could boost your chances in court and possibly improve your compensation.

Our lawyers, in-house doctor, and familiarity with courtroom proceedings could all make the difference in your case. Call our team at any time to schedule your free initial consultation and get your claim started.