Vinings Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the consequences for that individual can be severe. Unlike motorists, pedestrians are given no protection from the immense forces applied against them. Even at low speeds, an impact from a car can exert enough force to knock someone to the ground. Despite laws protecting walkers from drivers, it is unwise to assume that the driver will always be at-fault in a collision.

A professional Vinings pedestrian accident lawyer could help those struck by cars to understand their rights under the law and to pursue at-fault drivers for appropriate compensation. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney can offer you their assistance today.

Determining Liability

When a collision occurs between a pedestrian and a car, it can be easy to assume that the driver will always be at fault. After all, the pedestrian cannot cause much harm to a car or its driver, especially compared to what a speeding car can do to a pedestrian. However, the law looks at the collision in a more nuanced way. For example, if a pedestrian stepped out into traffic during the middle of the night, it could be difficult to blame a driver for failing to see her. Therefore, every case must be examined on an independent basis. A reliable Vinings pedestrian accident lawyer can assist in determining liability in an injury case and advocating on behalf of the individual who was struck down.

Proving Negligence

Pedestrian plaintiffs must show that the driver of the car that hit them was negligent and that their negligence caused the collision. Negligence is an exact legal term that the plaintiff must prove to win her case. In short, she needs to demonstrate that the driver owed her a duty of care, that the driver failed in this duty, and that this failure directly caused her physical injury.

All drivers assume a responsibility to protect all other individuals whenever they drive, so a duty of care is always assumed in a pedestrian accident case. It is also almost always true that the collision caused the injuries in question. The most often contested portion of the claim involves if the driver breached this duty. For this reason, a determined accident attorney will fully investigate every claim to see the event from every point of view and properly assess each party’s claims.

What Compensation Can Plaintiffs Ask For?

A plaintiff in a pedestrian accident case who proves that the driver was at fault for their injuries can demand payment for any medical costs associated with treatment. However, full compensation may include much more. It is common for an injured pedestrian to suffer economic damages in the form of lost time at work. These individuals may also be forced to endure painful rehabilitation sessions and suffer strained family lives. A qualified Vinings pedestrian accident lawyer may work to understand the full impact of these accidents in order to ensure demand packages accurately reflect the needs of the individual.

How a Vinings Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Could Help

Pedestrian accident cases are rarely as simple as they seem. Even in situations where someone is hit while using a crosswalk, factors such as weather, the time of day, and even the pedestrian’s clothing may influence who is ultimately found to be at fault. A weathered Vinings pedestrian accident lawyer could work with you to examine your claim and determine your right to compensation. All claims for personal injury must be filed within two years of the accident under Georgia law. Time is of the essence—consider reaching out to a seasoned Vinings pedestrian accident lawyer today to begin discussing your case.