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What advice do you have for families and victims affected by catastrophic injury?

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Can you tell us about a memorable catastrophic injury case you handled?

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Put Decades of Experience to Work for You

Unfortunately, there are some injuries from which a victim can never fully recover. Though victims may survive damage to the central nervous system and even seem superficially normal afterwards, the injuries may still have debilitating effects that last a lifetime.

Overcoming serious injuries, while still difficult, can be a little easier with the help of Warshauer Woodward Atkins. Our Atlanta catastrophic injury attorneys can assist you in seeking compensation from those responsible for changing your life forever. Over the years, our Atlanta accident lawyers have handled many complicated cases and are highly-regarded in the legal community for our experience and track record of success. Since 1996, we’ve won tens of millions on behalf of our clients.

Catastrophic Injury Cases We Handle

Whether you have been seriously burned or are experiencing the debilitating effects of a brain or spinal cord injury, our lawyers has the knowledge and wherewithal to pursue compensation from the appropriate parties, regardless of the complexities that the case presents.

Although some injuries have obvious effects on a person’s life, others are not as easily observed. In these cases, our skilled Atlanta catastrophic injury attorneys can powerfully represent your needs and circumstances throughout the case, and in the courtroom if necessary.

Serious Disfigurement

In many severe accidents, victims are severely disfigured, whether through a serious burn or an amputation. Our firm understands that disfiguring injuries often severely impact the victim, both in terms of their physical capability and of their emotional/mental state. Our Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers can compassionately come alongside you during this difficult time and explore the options you have for compensation, treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, and more.

Consulting With an Experienced Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Warshauer Woodward Atkins is dedicated to obtaining just compensation on behalf of our injured clients. Let us put our resources, experience, and knowledge to work for you and your loved ones. We are known for thoroughly investigating and meticulously preparing each of our cases. Let our Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers take the legal burden off of your shoulders and fight for a secured future.

Client Reviews

Client Name: Michael Johnson
Review Title: Great Results
Review Description: Michael and I have worked on several cases together and have always gotten great results.