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The responsibility to ensure that the surgery process goes correctly often falls onto the shoulder of an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists are licensed doctors who have the same responsibility to provide competent and skilled care to their patients. This generally means applying the correct amounts of drugs and watching a patient’s vital signs. A failure to do so could result in the patient waking up during surgery or worse.

An Atlanta anesthesia errors lawyer could help when an anesthesiologist’s mistake leads to the injuries to you or a loved one. A team of client-centered attorneys could help gather evidence concerning the error, work with a qualified in-house medical professional, and present your case in court using cutting-edge courtroom presentation technology.

Common Errors That an Anesthesiologist May Commit

A patient who undergoes surgery relies on a team of medical professionals to keep him or her safe. Of course, the head surgeon performs the procedure in question. However, other doctors in the room also have a role to play.

Before surgeons might begin their work, they rely on anesthesiologists to administer drugs to the patient. For many cases, this involves placing a person into a totally unconscious state. However, these doctors cannot apply drugs at random.

What Makes Anesthesia Challenging?

Proper anesthesia requires a doctor to make precise measurements concerning the weight, age, and health of a patient. It also must take into account how long the procedure may last. A failure to properly make these measurements could result in a patient awakening during the procedure. Even worse are scenarios involving overdosing where a patient falls into a coma. Either of these situations may indicate medical malpractice. An Atlanta anesthesia errors lawyer could help evaluate whether an injury was the result of poor anesthesia practice.

Working to Prove Anesthesia Malpractice in Court

As obvious as some cases involving poor anesthesia practice may be, all medical malpractice cases rely on the opinions of medical experts. These experts play a vital role in any medical malpractice claim.

According to O.C.G.A. §51-1-27, all doctors and other medical professionals must perform their craft with appropriate skill and care. In terms of anesthesiology, this means applying drugs in a way that is consistent with established protocols and maintaining watch over a patient’s vital signs.

How Can Victims Prove Negligence?

To prove that a negligent doctor failed in this duty, a victim must work with an expert medical witness. In fact, under O.C.G.A. §9-11-9.1, a victim cannot even begin a claim without consulting with these experts. Importantly, that expert must have experience with the procedure or treatment that the defendant healthcare provider is alleged to have negligently performed. An Atlanta anesthesia errors lawyer could help victims meet and hire the experts needed to pursue their claims for damages.

An Atlanta Anesthesia Errors Lawyer Could Help with Claims

An anesthesiologist plays a major role in many medical procedures. While not as publicized as surgeons, an anesthesiologist numbs the area to be operated on or even places the patient in a state of unconsciousness. The dangers with this are apparent. A lack of anesthesia could lead to a patient waking up during a procedure. An overexposure to drugs could cause the patient to slip into a coma or even die.

An Atlanta anesthesia errors lawyer could help you when an anesthesiologist’s error has led to your losses. Losses could include claims for medical bills, lost earning potential, and even a general loss of quality of life. Additionally, the Georgia Supreme Court removed the limit to non-economic losses in 2010. And while punitive damages are only awarded in specific cases, there may be exceptions to the limit for them. Contact an Atlanta anesthesia errors lawyer at any time to speak directly with a lawyer for a free case evaluation.

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