Atlanta Forklift Accident Lawyer


Heavy machinery can be difficult to operate. Forklifts are extremely dangerous if the driver has not received the proper training and qualifications to use the machine or if there has been a lack of maintenance / mechanical error. The injuries that result can be catastrophic, which is why Warshauer Law Group has employed a capable team of Atlanta forklift accident lawyers.

We have handled numerous forklift accident claims and have been recognized across the country as authorities in this area. Our team has recovered millions of dollars for victims of forklift accidents! When manufacturers release faulty equipment or employers allow unqualified workers to operate forklifts, they should be held accountable.

Common Forklift Hazards

There are many potential accidents that can occur from improper use of a forklift. Remember that the driver may have little to no visibility of what is in front of him, drastically increasing the risk of injury. Until technology advances, many workers will be stuck using these dangerous machines and at risk for suffering damages. It is of the utmost importance the employer enforces safety standards.

Some common forklift dangerous include:

  • Falling loads / cargo: When carrying a large, view obstructing load, the elevated cargo is at risk of striking someone in the head.
  • Tipping over: Forklift drivers sometimes overload one side of the platform and end up tipping the machine over, potentially injuring them and any people nearby.
  • Falling: Carless operation around a loading dock could result in the machine falling off. In shipyards, the forklift could even fall into the water, potentially drowning the driver.
  • Equipment spill: Hastily stacked, overloaded material on a forklift could fall off, causing widespread damage to nearby property and, more importantly, people.

Get Compensation for a Preventable Injury

A forklift injury could result from an irresponsible employer, poor manufacturing, or a careless coworker. Our forklift accident attorneys in Atlanta can determine who is responsible and demand the appropriate compensation. Let us advocate for you!