Initial Consultation in an Atlanta Personal Injury Case

It is very common for people to suffer a personal injury, not only in Atlanta, but all over the country. These injuries could result in the filing of a compensation claim, which could then lead to being able to recover damages for injuries sustained.

The first thing a person should do after an accident is getting good medical care. The second thing he or she should do is get good legal advice. In order to get good legal advice, a person may be inclined to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation in an Atlanta personal injury case is one of the most important steps in an injury case, due to the fact that it is the injury attorney‘s first introduction to the facts of the case and to the victim. En Español.

What is an Initial Consultation

An initial consultation in an Atlanta personal injury case is the first meeting between the lawyer and the victim or their family. An attorney would want to hear what caused the injuries and may ask questions about the events. They collect information related to the accident and injuries and explain the process of their process for handling the case.

A victim can expect to be asked questions and may have an opportunity to ask questions to learn about his or her legal rights, the lawyer’s expertise, remedies the person should pursue, and how to go about pursuing them.

Generally, a lawyer wants to meet the person face-to-face. That meeting can take place in the lawyer’s office or at another lawyer’s office. Sometimes, the attorney visits the person.


A lawyer would hope that the person has a basic understanding of what happened to them or to his or her loved one. To prepare for the initial consultation in an Atlanta personal injury case, it is encouraged that the person be prepared to explain the facts, provide names of other parties such as doctors, trucking companies, or the kind of machine involved if that is appropriate.

An attorney would also want to know the location of the accident. The person should be prepared to ask questions about the lawyer’s credentials, their area of legal expertise, their reputation, and what distinguishes them from other lawyers.

Documents and Information People Should Bring

When a person is meeting with their lawyer for the first time, he or she should bring everything they have that relates to their case. That includes medical bills, medical records, police reports, on-the-job injury reports, photographs, and names of witnesses. Any information the person provides to their attorney makes it easier to evaluate the case quickly. A lawyer can provide the best advice when they have a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

After going through documents and information, a lawyer may be inclined to begin the investigation and evaluation process. When people bring documents, the lawyer uses the ones that have value as part of the case analysis.

Conducting an Investigation

A personal injury lawyer retains medical experts, product experts, and experts who understand damages. A lawyer conducts a great deal of hands-on investigation. They visit the scene, examine the machine, and talk to witnesses. Some law firms have an in-house medical doctor to assist in the evaluation of medical claims and injuries. An investigation usually begins after the initial consultation in an Atlanta personal injury case.