Atlanta Broken Bones Lawyer

Fractured or broken bones are a common accident injury and are often accompanied by extensive medical treatment and expenses. In fact, there are a number of ways a victim could suffer a serious fracture or bone-break. If your injuries are, however, the direct result of another’s negligence, then you need to reach out to an Atlanta broken bones lawyer. Dedicated attorneys could work as a team to obtain the compensation you need.

The Most Common Broken Bones Atlanta Accidents

While any number of bones may be broken or fractured in an accident, there are certain bones that may be at greater risk than others. The bones most commonly broken in accidents include:

While some broken bones sustained in accidents may be immediately apparent, the affected individual may not always realize he or she has suffered this type of injury right away. Sometimes, people believe a broken bone is just a simple strain. Although delayed treatment of a broken bone is rarely fatal, it could lead to adverse complications if prompt medical care is not received.

What Are the Common Symptoms of a Broken Bone?

Symptoms of a broken bone include significant discomfort or pain in the affected region, loss of sensation, and limited mobility. A person who has broken one or more bones may find it difficult to put his or her weight on the impacted limb. The region could also be extremely sensitive to the touch and swollen.

Categories of Broken Bones

Not all breaks are of the same degree of seriousness. Some inflict far more damage than others. For example, an open break occurs when fragments of the bone penetrate the skin. Hairline fractures are one of the milder categories of broken bones and occur when the bone fissures but remains in one piece.

A compression fracture refers to when the bone is forced inwards and flattens out. A type of fracture known as a spiral fracture occurs when the break coils around the bone. Greenstick fractures indicate that the bone has curved and partly broken, but has not fully split. When someone experiences a comminuted fracture, this means that the bone or bones have broken into several pieces.

What Methods Can be Used to Diagnose and Treat Broken Bones?

Most broken bones in Atlanta are diagnosed through x-rays. The doctor may use other diagnostic tools such as an MRI to detect fractures or breaks. The method of treatment largely depends on the type and extent of the break the person sustains. However, if someone has suffered such a break due to the negligence of another person, choosing to work with a law firm that relies on the knowledge of an in-house doctor could benefit victims.

In addition to diagnostic testing, victims may be required to wear a cast for a month or longer and undergo physical therapy. When a bone splinters into multiple sections, the person may have screws or pins implanted to refasten the bone. In certain cases, a procedure or surgery may be required to withdraw pieces of bone and relocate the bones to their correct position with rods or plates.

Talk to an Atlanta Broken Bones Attorney

The financial outcomes of broken bones can be devastating for injured individuals and their families, and the recovery process could take its toll on everyone involved. An Atlanta broken bones lawyer could provide zealous legal representation and fight hard to hold the liable parties accountable for the harm they have caused you through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

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