Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The brain serves as the literal nerve center of the human body. When that nerve center is damaged, people may have severe mood changes, lose cognitive function, loss of control of their limbs or even suffer total paralysis. These are, of course, very serious injuries that will have a permanent impact on the rest of the person’s life – and even their family.

Whether the injury occurs as the result of a car accident, a dangerous product, malpractice, or a slip and fall, a person has the right to seek compensation for their brain injuries from the at-fault party.

Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyers are here to help you during these difficult times and to protect your rights in court. If you have been injured and sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result, consult a qualified catastrophic injury attorney.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an injury to the head that results in permanent injury to a person’s brain. This injury can cause a number of permanent symptoms including:

  • Limited use of limbs
  • Changes in personality
  • Abnormal speech
  • Loss of thinking ability
  • Emotional problems

In many situations, people who were once familiar with the injured party will be unable to recognize the personality of the injured person. The injuries themselves can range from subtle to the very severe. Sometimes people will talk of mild traumatic brain injury but an injury to the brain is never mild to the person whose life is affected by it.

In general, if a person has a rapid movement of their head – even without loss of consciousness, they are in danger of suffering a TBI. All of these conditions are considered on an individual basis, and only a doctor can effectively diagnose and treat TBIs.  An Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer can help individuals find a neurological specialist to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

How do Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur?

TBIs most often occur as the result of a violent movement of the head that causes the brain to crash into the inside of the skull.  Generally, this is from impact – but not always. When people consider instances where these injuries might be the result of another person’s negligence, the most common examples are:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slips and Falls
  • Assaults

Any of these situations can result in a person suffering a brain injury. So long as there is an impact of the brain in the skull, there is a chance for the brain to suffer a TBI.

Another form of brain injury, called hypoxic brain injury, is associated with loss of oxygen.  Any prolonged deprival of oxygen can cause the brain to suffer damage. Naturally, the longer the loss of oxygen, the greater the damage. The causes of this kind of brain injury include:

  • Birth injuries caused by the failure to deliver a baby emergently
  • Anesthesia and tracheotomy errors
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from motor exhaust and defective furnaces
  • Respiratory failure from trauma

Pursuing a Catastrophic Injury Claim

Pursuing these civil cases alleging brain injuries is similar to most other personal injury cases. Where the main difference occurs is how the plaintiff proves the extent of their injuries. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to help jurors understand the extent of the injury and the cause.

A case involving traumatic brain injury and hypoxic brain injury must prove not only the present medical bills and lost wages from work, but also make considerations for future losses and costs.

How an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Can Help

Accidents that result in brain injuries will have a serious and permanent effect on a person’s life. Whether the injuries are the result of medical malpractice, a car accident, a slip and fall, or a carbon monoxide poisoning, an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer are here to help in Atlanta and just about anywhere else too.

An attorney can understand how these injuries can change a person’s life and create negative effects for not only you but your family as well.

With these injuries causing significant physical and mental damages, it is important to make a strong decision going forward. A determined lawyer can work to pursue your case with both compassion and vigor. Contact an attorney today to see how they can help you.