Relationship Between a Client and an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When victims of traumatic injuries seek out experienced attorneys, they need to consider what would be best for them. Retaining a professional who could help you understand the nuances and importance of a relationship between a client and an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer is critical. An attorney who holds the interests of the client in mind is an invaluable asset and should be sought by all victims.

Timeframes for Attorneys When Working with Clients in a TBI Case

The timeframe is really dictated by the time when the attorney is aware of it. If an attorney finds out about an injury within days, he or she is typically going to start investigating within days. If that same attorney finds out a year or two years later, he or she often begins investigating and working on the case the moment he or she is made aware. For potential clients, the earlier an attorney is made aware, the better it is for the claim holder. The statute of limitations has a time limit which severely influences the pace of cases. If it’s too late, for example, it may be a situation where the statute of limitations has expired and so no claim may be brought. So, the timeline for attorneys is really dictated by when the client seeks out the attorney as opposed to the attorney gauging when to start. Again, the attorney is typically going to start as soon as they have the information and know that the injury exists.

The Attorney-Client Relationship in TBI Cases

The relationship between attorneys and clients during TBI cases is unlike many other personal injury cases. With a traumatic brain injury, patients regress and egress constantly due to the nature of their injuries. It is not uncommon for an attorney to consistently check in with and keep up to date with patients who suffer these injuries.

So, these cases often require constant reassessment involving neuropsychological evaluation to demonstrate areas of improvement and damage to jurors. Because of the constant need for assessment, TBI cases come with constant check-ins with attorneys, further building a client-attorney relationship.

Significance of Building Strong Client-Attorney Relationships

The degree of personal that a client-attorney relationship exists as for TBI cases is unlike any others. Attorneys are not only charged with optimizing the recovery of victims, but they also must know the victim to a degree that is unique. Often, these cases take time and involve attorneys speaking with many others who could attest to the state of mind and the changes that a victim has suffered. Doing so involves caring for a victim, staying with him or her at all hours, and consistently checking in on him and her. In some extreme cases, this might entail staying with the client overnight. When potential clients consider who they wish to represent them, they need to consider attorneys in Atlanta who are willing to go to this extent for them.

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The severity of traumatic brain injuries is something that changes victims’ lives forever. Having an attorney with an in-house doctor on your side who could give accurate and up-to-date medical opinion is something patients need to look for when searching for attorneys. While searching, potential clients need to examine the extent to which a lawyer would work for you and help establish a relationship between a client and an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer. Call at any time for your free consultation.