Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

It is a harsh fact of life that most people will suffer some sort of injury at a point in their lives. These injuries can occur in any number of ways, from falling accidents and motor vehicle crashes to criminal assaults or even animal attacks. Regardless of the exact source of the injury, if that injury is caused by the negligent action or inaction of another party, that party may be held responsible for compensating the injured person.

Georgia civil laws allow plaintiffs to file lawsuits in court to demand this compensation. In many instances, an injured individual could alternatively collect compensation through negotiations with an insurance company. Unfortunately, though, an injured person can quickly become overwhelmed with the financial, legal, and physical challenges that often follow an injury.

A Marietta personal injury lawyer may be able to ease this burden while fighting for your rights. Experienced personal injury attorneys understand the life-changing severity of these incidents and could work to deal with the insurance companies so that you can focus on getting your life back on track. Take advantage of our free case review today.

Potential Sources of Personal Injuries

Personal injury lawyers specialize in representing injured plaintiffs in civil lawsuits. These lawsuits can materialize any time the actions of another person cause a plaintiff to endure a physical injury. While the economic and emotional trauma suffered in an accident may be significant, the law requires the presence of a physical harm to make a claim.

These physical harms can result from either intentional conduct by the defendant or accidents which he/she directly caused, with the latter being by far the more common cause of action for personal injury lawsuits. In such cases, the defendant does not mean to cause any harm to the plaintiff, but through their recklessness or carelessness causes an injury to occur.

While generally rarer, many of the crimes against the bodies of others that are prohibited by Georgia criminal law can also be the source of a personal injury lawsuit. Incidents involving assault, kidnapping, rape, or murder can all involve both criminal and civil cases.

Unlike criminal prosecution that is pursued by the State, an injured victim of a crime must pursue their civil claim on their own initiative. Whether an injury was caused by an accident or a crime, a Marietta personal injury lawyer may be able to help.

Proving the Case in Court

As discussed above, most actionable personal injuries are the result of accidents. Because of this, the plaintiff in the case usually uses the common law theory of negligence to win their case. Negligence only applies whenever the defendant had a preexisting duty to protect the injured party. If he/she fail in this duty and the protected party becomes injured, the defendant may be liable to pay damages.

This duty is more common than many people realize. All drivers of cars have a duty to protect other individuals he/she may encounter. The same can be said for commercial truck drivers or motorcyclists. Property owners also have a duty to protect their invited visitors from accidental harm, and even dog owners have a duty to protect other citizens from a known dangerous animal.

Regardless of the source of a personal injury, the injured party’s case must be in court before the statute of limitations expires. According to O.C.G.A. §9-3-33, all plaintiffs must file their case within two years of the date of injury. A Marietta personal injury lawyer could work with individuals to demonstrate the concept of duty and to make negligent defendants pay for the injuries their actions caused.

Let a Marietta Personal Injury Attorney Help

The days and weeks after an injury can be filled with chaos and doubt. While you should be focusing on your recovery and getting your life back together, liable parties and their insurance companies may be asking for completed paperwork and trying to force a quick settlement. This can be enough to frustrate and confuse many injured people.

A Marietta personal injury lawyer could help you handle the insurance companies, work to gather evidence, ensure that all paperwork and filings are completed correctly, and form demand packages that ask for appropriate compensation. Contact a dedicated local attorney today to see how he/she could help you.