Atlanta Birth Injury Lawyer

What are the biggest challenges you face in handling medical malpractice cases?

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The birth of a child should be a joyous and awe-inspiring time in any new parent’s life. In some situations, the birth involves complications and the child is born with injuries ranging from shoulder problems to brain injuries to Cerebral Palsy. In some cases, these defects are due to a doctor’s recklessness or incompetence. These situations can rise to the level of medical malpractice.

Atlanta birth injury lawyers can represent babies born with a birth injury due to the malpractice of doctors and hospital staff. A compassionate malpractice lawyer can fight to obtain the fair compensation that these children deserve.

Georgia Medical Malpractice Law

A medical malpractice case is way more complex and expensive than the average personal injury case. When an Atlanta birth injury attorney analyzes a case, the most important question they might ask is, how different the patient is today, then they would have been if they had experienced perfect care.

In all doctor-patient relationships, the doctor has a duty to care for the well-being of the patient. They must comply with the applicable medical standard of care.

Procedure in a Birth Injury Case

The medical standard of care is that degree of care that a reasonably careful doctor treating the same care would have provided. This is typically defined by expert witnesses who are familiar with the particular area of medicine relevant to the treatment.  In other words, an obstetrician will be needed to criticize the care provided by an obstetrician.

It is important that a medical malpractice attorney has the expertise necessary to pursue these claims. In order to start a malpractice claim, an Atlanta birth injury lawyer must draft a complaint that includes an affidavit written by an expert doctor. This affidavit must contain the factual and scientific reasoning behind why there was malpractice present in this specific case.

Collaborating With an Atlanta Birth Injury Attorney

A child who is facing a difficult life due to a doctor’s or hospital’s malpractice has options. One of these options is to file a lawsuit alleging that the care received from the practitioner was malpractice.  Atlanta birth injury lawyers understand the science behind these injuries, the roles that the doctors play in the injuries, and the effects that they have on the child’s life.

A local attorney is more likely to possess a working relationship with qualified experts in the field who are prepared to examine individual’s cases and testify as to why the poor care arose to the level of malpractice. They may even have their own doctor on staff. Most claims lawyers see are not malpractice – but families want answers, and even learning that doctors did not make mistakes is often comforting.

People whose children now suffer from a physical or mental disability as the result of a poor birth experience have the right to sue for compensation if medical negligence causes the injury. If you wish to pursue a case, speak to a birth injury attorney today.