Erb’s Palsy Claims in Atlanta

If a family has a child with a birth injury that results in cerebral palsy, that can leave the family facing unforeseen difficulties with their newborn and unsure of how they will properly care for and provide for their child. Erb’s palsy is a birth injury that can be caused as a result of medical malpractice or negligence. If you believe that a physician may be responsible, you may want to look into filing Erb’s Palsy claims in Atlanta.

An Atlanta birth injury lawyer may be able to help individuals and families who have been affected by an Erb’s palsy birth injury. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney is prepared to help you and your family care for your child.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy occurs when the nerves in the upper arm and neck are affected and impacted during the delivery process. If the infant is stuck during the birth process, doctors will often try to manipulate or move the baby in a way that helps them pass through the birth canal. Sometimes excessive force is used; there are manipulations that are done that can be considered outside of the standard of care. That force can sometimes cause Erb’s palsy or other types of birth injuries.

If an individual sees their infant does not appear to have typical grip strength, if their arm seems to be limp or does not move very much, or if a baby seems to not be using an arm, those can typically can be signs of Erb’s palsy injury. Erb’s Palsy claims in Atlanta seek to help families care for their child.

Other Birth Injuries

If an infant has a birth injury that results in cerebral palsy, it is often because there was either a malformation in the brain that possibly could have been picked up at an earlier time and treated or a result of a brain injury that happened via the labor and delivery process.

If the infant shows that they have cerebral palsy, it is usually a result of some type of brain injury that impacts their muscle control and coordination. Filing a cerebral palsy claim or Erb’s Palsy claim in Atlanta can help families receive the compensation they deserve.


Birth Injury Vs Other Personal Injury Cases

All personal injury cases are tragic, but birth injury cases are particularly tragic because these cases can result in injuries where the child is essentially dealt a bad hand. They were not able to do anything about the injury they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. That makes birth injuries particularly unique and particularly tragic.

Birth injuries are also unique in the sense that babies and young children cannot often describe their damages. If they are catastrophically injured, they may never be able to describe the level of their injuries whereas in a lot of medical practice cases and personal injury cases, the plaintiffs are able to describe what it is like living with their condition and their injuries. Regarding Erb’s Palsy claims in Atlanta, others have to advocate for those children and be their voices in the courtroom because they cannot do it for themselves.