Common Signs of Atlanta Birth Injuries

While there are situations where hospitals inform patients that a mistake has occurred, that is not always the case. Determining if something went wrong during a mother’s delivery process could be difficult.

When doctors ignore common signs of Atlanta birth injuries, the potential for tragedy becomes significantly greater. An experienced attorney could gather evidence through a discovery process and hold negligent medical providers accountable for their errors. By using cutting edge technology, attorneys could then present their findings in settlement talks or in court. Reach out to an attorney today.

Injuries Associated with Deliveries in Atlanta

When addressing common Atlanta birth injuries, the easiest question to answer tends to be whether or not there was an adverse consequence to the labor and delivery process.

If a baby appears healthy, that is typically a good sign. However, there are instances where children may appear healthy, but have underlying complications that were caused by common errors.

In the worst cases, a child is born, but has a blue tint to his or her skin—this is a classic sign of the child not breathing or not receiving oxygen. Doctors may then try resuscitation. In other cases, a baby may seize shortly after birth. This could be a condition related to the mother, or it could be a sign that something went wrong during delivery.

Lastly, if the mother is bleeding profusely, or if she slips into a coma, that is a clear sign that something went wrong and should have been accounted for by the medical professionals attending to the mother.
Then the next question is why. And that is where it becomes difficult. And that is where it is necessary to have professionals evaluate the scenario to determine what exactly happened and why. Attorneys who work with an in-house medical professional could assess the conditions surrounding a child’s birth and determine if an error was committed by medical staff.

Prenatal and Post-Partum Injuries

Commons signs of Atlanta birth injuries could occur at any point in time. During the labor and sometimes after the delivery, there are errors or omissions after the delivery that causes injuries to both mom and baby.
In fact, maternal complications tend to be greater—the problem that mothers have tend to be greater after delivery. This is typically because the focus after birth shifts to the baby which takes attention off the mother.
While it is natural for parents and medical professionals to focus on children after birth, that is not an excuse to shift due attention away from the problems at hand.

Steps to Take Even If Parents Are Unsure

The sooner parents contact an attorney after suspecting a birth injury, the better. However, experiencing loss is often a tremendous and sensitive life event. When victims are ready, an attorney could help them navigate their claim and seek compensation, if warranted.

The sooner people contact an attorney, the better view an attorney could have of the circumstances of the injury, especially the medical records. In the worst of cases, medical records could be lost or even changed. The sooner someone has an attorney representing him or her, the sooner that attorney could preserve the authenticity of those records, ask questions before memories fade, and create a course of action before legal time limits expire.

Speak to An Attorney Who Could Help

What some people may not recognize is that lawyers are also counselors. They could be of great help to a family who has experienced a horrible tragedy and could help a family find a way to address that loss. If that remedy does require legal action, those lawyers could help immediately.

If you or a loved one suffered a loss because a medical professional ignored common signs of an Atlanta birth injury, then you need to consider the help of a dedicated team of attorneys who could place your needs at the forefront of a case. Call at any hour to speak directly to an attorney for your free case review.