Key Legal Aspects of Atlanta Birth Injury Cases

One of the key legal aspects of Atlanta birth injury cases is negligence. Negligence plays a critical role in civil lawsuits. When a doctor deviates from the standard of care during delivery, they could be held liable in court for the damages done to a victim. If your child was harmed during delivery by a doctor, then you need to consider working with a client-centered attorney who could fight for the compensation you need.

The Role of Negligence in Birth Injury Cases

To recover damages for negligence, a parent must be able to demonstrate that the doctor or nurses involved in the prenatal period or the birth and delivery process failed to exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill, and that failure caused injury to the baby. To prove that a medical professional failed to meet the standard of care, a person must have expert testimony that demonstrates that the medical professional failed to exercise the standard of care and that failure caused the baby’s injuries.

Lack of care by a doctor that resulted in a birth injury is proved through different forms of evidence, including the testimony of those involved in the labor and delivery, and the medical records that should document what happened and what the doctors did or failed to do.

The Statute of Limitations on Atlanta Birth Injury Cases

In Atlanta, parents usually have until the child reaches the age of seven to bring a birth-injury claim. Failure to file a claim in that timeframe could result in the loss of ability to recover compensation.

Losses Victims and Families Could Be Entitled to after a Birth Injury

A big part of a birth-injury case is understanding how the injury might affect the child throughout his or her life. By fully understanding that and the nature of the child’s injury, a person could ensure that the amount recovered is sufficient to take care of the child.

Damages, colloquially known as losses, that an individual may be entitled to for a birth injury include economic damages such as past, present, and future medical costs, loss of future earnings and household services. Non-economic damages, such as physical or mental pain and suffering, may also be recovered.

Families could also recover financial compensation to reimburse them for all of their past expenses related to a birth injury, to help pay for future medical needs and medical care, and to compensate them for pain and suffering and other types of damages.

What do Atlanta lawyers look for in a birth injury case?

The first thing an Atlanta lawyer would do in a birth-injury case is to look at and figure out the cost involved with the child’s injuries.

The lawyer would look at the medical records and talk to the parents and the family to determine the medical cause for the injuries. Attorneys might question whether the child’s inability to move an arm was a result of physicians using excessive force to pull the baby through the birth canal. The lawyer would investigate the medical records and talk to the family and the people who were present and then have experts review the documents and testimony to determine the cause of the child’s injury.

Frequently Asked Questions by Claim Holders

Most people want to know how the lawsuit works and the process from the early stages of hiring a lawyer to the end in addition to the resolution of the case and what are the different steps in between. Many people frankly want to know and ask the lawyers what things they could do to present what they have gone through to prevent it from happening to someone else. They are also often concerned with how they could defray the cost of dealing with the injuries their child is going to have for the rest of their life.

An Atlanta birth-injury lawyer would prepare to answer the parents’ questions by having a broad base of experience in handling such cases. Attorneys are prepared to answer them because they have represented other families who have gone through the same things and know the questions they have, how to answer them, and how to provide them with the representation they need to be adequately compensated.

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No one expects a doctor to deviate from the standard of care he or she owes patients. Despite this clear expectation, mistakes happen. Negligence is one of the key legal aspects of Atlanta birth injury cases. When these mistakes happen as a part of negligence or intent, a victim’s life could change forever. Parents of these victims may also have their lives immediately affected and now may have to tailor their lives around this injury their child now has.

If your child was harmed by a negligent doctor, the law allows for legal recourse against wrongdoers. An attorney could help you by reviewing your claim, consulting with an in-house medical expert, and ready a lawsuit for court with cutting-edge technology. Talk to a team of attorneys who place a victim’s needs at the forefront of a case today for a free case review. Attorneys are willing to take calls after hours.