Atlanta Placental Abruption Lawyer

Placental abruption occurs when the placenta partially or completely separates from the inner wall of the uterus before delivery. This typically happens whenever there is a trauma or injury to the abdomen. For example, if a mother is involved in a car crash or trips and falls, the placenta can subsequently separate. A placental abruption could also happen if there is a rapid loss of the amniotic fluid, which surrounds and cushions a baby before birth.

The primary symptoms of placental abruption are significant vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, back pain, uterine tenderness, frequent uterine contractions, or firmness in the uterus or abdomen. If your doctor has neglected to treat your symptoms, it may be time to speak with an experienced birth injury attorney. A dedicated Atlanta placental abruption lawyer could examine your physician’s actions to determine whether they deviated from the legal standard of care.

Diagnostic Tools

A physical exam is a doctor’s primary method for determining whether a placental abruption has occurred. A mother’s physician could check her for uterine tenderness or rigidity by conducting a physical exam. A doctor can also administer a blood test and urine test to try to identify the source of vaginal bleeding. In addition, an ultrasound can determine whether the placenta has become unattached from the uterine wall.

Reducing the Risk of Placental Abruption

There are no treatments that help reduce the risk of placental abruption. However, a mother with a history of high blood pressure can work with her doctor to closely monitor that during her pregnancy. Wearing a seat belt in cars to prevent abdominal trauma could also reduce the risk of placental abruption.

Standard of Care in Atlanta

If an abruption is mild and it is too soon for the baby to be born, the standard of care calls for the mother’s admittance into a hospital for close monitoring to make sure that it does not progress. If the abruption is beginning to worsen, physicians may give medications to help the baby’s lungs mature to prepare them for delivery.

In cases where a mother’s condition has progressed beyond 34 weeks, early delivery is usually indicated. Early delivery could also be an option when a mother’s or her baby’s life is jeopardized, even if it is before 34 weeks. In cases where there has been significant or severe bleeding, the standard of care will usually require transfusions for the mom to replace her blood loss. Fortunately, a steadfast Atlanta placental abruption attorney will be familiar with the standard of care and how it may apply on a case-by-case basis.

Pre-Suit Requirements in Placental Abruption Cases

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit for placental abruption in Atlanta requires showing that a doctor departed from the legal standard of care and failed to recognize and remedy a placental abruption. Establishing a physician’s failure to treat it effectively or timely as well as subsequent damage and injury to the mom and/or baby could result in a successful claim for damages.

Additionally, it is advisable to secure an expert witness who has practiced in the same area of medicine as the opposing party. A witness could sign an affidavit detailing a doctor’s departure from the standard of care and how that caused injury to the child and/or the mother.

Filing an Atlanta Placental Abruption Claim

The process for filing an Atlanta placental abruption lawsuit begins with a thorough intake to understand the pregnancy from beginning to end. This would allow legal counsel to get a good sense of what problems there were during the pregnancy, how often prenatal visits occurred, and events leading up to the birth. An attorney could interview relevant witnesses and order medical records of prenatal visits to gain an understanding of how the baby was doing, the signs of a placental abruption, and when they started to occur. A seasoned placental abruption lawyer in Atlanta could prepare a lawsuit and draft necessary paperwork based on an expert witness’s affirmation of a doctor’s negligence.

Contact an Atlanta Placental Abruption Attorney

A knowledgeable attorney could help someone who has experienced placental abruption because they understand the causes of these kinds of injuries, what to look for in the medical record to verify it, the type of evidence that will need to be gathered, and the type of testimony that will need to be elicited in order to prove a case. It is helpful for a family who has gone through this to have someone who knows how to effectively prepare such a case.

Working with a skilled Atlanta placental abruption lawyer could put a claimant in the best position for success because placental abruption cases can be challenging. Contact a seasoned legal professional today.