Symptoms of Birth Injuries in Atlanta Malpractice Cases

If you wish to learn about symptoms of birth injuries in Atlanta malpractice cases, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional Atlanta injury attorney as soon as possible. Birth injury cases can have devastating consequences for an injured child and their family, and it is important to know that symptoms may not immediately arise until later development stages in the child’s growth.

While dealing with the aftermath of a negligent delivery procedure may seem overwhelming, know that you do not have to face it alone. Become acquainted with the following information to learn more about symptoms of birth injuries in Atlanta malpractice cases, as well as the ways a skilled lawyer could help.

Birth Injuries Defined by Atlanta Medical Standards

A birth injury under Atlanta medical standards would typically include whenever an individual has a child born with some damage that resulted either through the prenatal course or during the actual labor and delivery process. For example, it may be a mother who is going to see her obstetrician, and while receiving all of her prenatal care the obstetrician missed something or failed to do something to make sure that the baby was progressing as it should.

During the delivery process, a birth injury can occur when the medical professionals that are involved failed to do or did something that caused injury to the child or baby. Some of the different types of birth injuries that a baby can sustain include nerve injuries, shoulder dystocia, and brachial plexus injuries. There could also be brain damage, which has the potential to lead to cerebral palsy. There can also be hemorrhages, infections, and in the worst cases, death.

How Do Atlanta Birth Injuries Occur?

Many Atlanta birth injuries occur in the prenatal course. Obstetricians should run different tests to make sure that the baby is progressing normally, and if they are not doing that, their negligence has the potential to lead to injuries. The actual delivery process itself can also lead to many complications. The baby may be in distress, and a physician may have failed to minimize the child’s damage in the process.

Sometimes during the delivery process, the baby gets stuck or is in a position where it is hard to deliver and this could cause an injury to the child or mother. In addition, if the child is not monitored closely enough during the immediate period after birth and the medical professionals fail to pick up on some things, this negligence can cause injury as well.

Examples of Symptoms of Birth Injuries in Atlanta Malpractice Cases

Warning symptoms of birth injuries in Atlanta malpractice cases could include if the child does not appear to be developing the way that the parents think it should. Immediately after the birth process, one’s nurses should be best-equipped to tell if things are not right. As a parent, the things one can look for is whether the baby is feeding, if the baby seems lethargic, and if the baby does not seem to be very responsive. Even at an early age that can be disconcerting. As the baby gets a little bit older and develops, one is looking to see their natural development or progression hitting certain milestones.

If a parent feels as if there is a delay, if the child is not making eye contact, if the child seems tense, or if their body is limp, those are all things that one can look for as symptoms of possible birth injuries. If a parent believes their child is exhibiting symptoms of birth injuries in Atlanta malpractice cases, they should contact a lawyer right away to help protect their rights.

Reaching Out to an Experienced Attorney

If a parent believes that their child has suffered a birth injury, the most important thing they can do is see a compassionate injury attorney. That lawyer can listen to the family’s side of the story to help them determine whether or not their situation could be a potential medical malpractice case. A qualified attorney can examine their medical records to see if there were things that could have been done to prevent what the parents think caused the malpractice.

If one does not see symptoms of an injury in their baby until the months following a birth, they should still seek medical advice from doctors and from their pediatrician. They should also consult with a skilled malpractice attorney, because with birth injury cases one is given more than the typical two-year statute of limitations. If you wish to learn more about symptoms of birth injuries in Atlanta malpractice cases, do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled lawyer today for your consultation.

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