Hiring an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

When hiring an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer, you should look for someone who is client-centered and dedicated to pursuing the compensation you or a loved one needs. An experienced attorney could evaluate your case, fully explain your legal options, and assert your rights during settlement negotiations or trial.

Attorneys’ Responsibilities

Attorneys’ greatest responsibilities are to advocate for the victims to the best of their abilities and make sure they recover as much money as possible for the client.

Throughout the representation in a catastrophic injury case, the attorney should be answering the client’s questions, starting at the initial interview and consultation. Usually, most questions are asked during the initial meeting because the client is new to the process. However, throughout the case, clients will likely have questions, and it is the attorney’s job to answer them.

What Attorneys Do Behind the Scenes

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that clients typically do not see, such as getting the victim’s medical records. The attorney will likely review and analyze them for potential strengths and weaknesses in the case. When they prepare the lawsuit, they have to draft a complaint and work with experts if they are needed to testify in the case. The attorney also works constantly with the court and other parties involved in the litigation to get the case moving efficiently to maximize recovery. Additionally, information could be attained by speaking directly with a team of attorneys in Atlanta.

Attorneys’ Experience and Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Lawyers who handle traumatic brain-injury cases should have some understanding of the causes of those injuries, whether the cause is from a blow or a trauma to the head, a bleed in the brain, or lack of oxygen to the brain. Personal injury attorneys should understand the ways brain injuries happen and how they have an impact on people’s daily lives. It may also prove beneficial to have an attorney who uses an in-house doctor to provide medical assessments.

Important Qualities in an Attorney

A person seeking advice from a traumatic brain-injury lawyer should look for someone experienced in handling such complex cases. Catastrophic injury cases deal with many areas of expertise that are not well-known to general practitioners. Victims should seek attorneys who are compassionate and who understand what impact they could have on someone’s life. That level of understanding of what the victim and his or her family is going through is important.

Because the injuries in these cases are so life-changing, attorneys want to get them the best help possible. Having an attorney feel that level of compassion is something potential clients should be seeking in future representatives.

Benefits of a Law Firm Over a Private Practitioner of Personal Injury

A law firm will often take a team approach to cases, so a victim has the benefit of working with multiple attorneys. Potential clients could receive the benefit of all of the firm’s lawyers and resources to heavily invest in the cases. A firm may have an in-house medical doctor who would be intimately involved in their case to understand the medicine and the causes of a traumatic brain injury and help the lawyer explain that to a jury. A firm is not afraid to use all its resources to maximize the recovery for the client.

Costs of Consultations and Retaining a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

A law firm usually offers free initial consultations, so a victim would not face costs for the advice they seek. Additionally, a traumatic brain-injury case generally would be handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning the firm pays upfront out-of-pocket costs and recoups its fees from whatever it is able to recover on behalf of the victim.

One of the great things about contingencies is that if an attorney or firm does not recover any money for the client, the victim does not owe anything. Many clients cannot afford the hourly rate of a lawyer, so the lawyer takes their fee as a percentage of the recovery, plus expenses. Expenses in those types of cases may reach tens of thousands of dollars or even six figures if it goes all the way to trial.

Contact an Attorney Today

Hiring an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer does not have to be a painful process. If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury, retaining an attorney familiar with these types of cases could help lead to a favorable outcome in court. Reach out today for your free consultation.