Atlanta Bone Fracture Lawyer  

A bone fracture can be a simple injury that causes nothing more than irritation from wearing a cast for several weeks. However, in other cases, a bone fracture can cause severe pain and also require extensive medical care and treatment including invasive and expensive surgeries.  

In any case where a person has suffered a bone fracture, there will be medical costs for doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests, and treatment. 

If you have suffered a bone fracture because of another person’s negligent, reckless, or careless behavior, an Atlanta bone fracture lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Put your trust in a passionate and determined personal injury attorney that can advocate for you.

 Major Accidents Causing Broken Bones  

Many people have accidentally broken a bone because they tripped or because they hit their foot on something. While these accidents may be minor, other accidents can be more severe and result in serious breaks and fractures to any one of the bones in the body.  

An Atlanta bone fracture lawyer may be familiar with all types of cases involving broken and injured bones including those resulting from:  

  • Car accidents  
  • Truck accidents  
  • Motorcycle accidents  
  • ATV accidents 
  • Bicycle accidents  
  • Nursing home accidents  

These accidents can cause painful bone fractures such as greenstick fractures, comminuted fractures, impacted fractures, compound fractures, and stress fractures. When a person has suffered a bone fracture, they should seek prompt medical attention to address their injuries.  

Compensation for Bone Fractures in Atlanta  

 Fractures are more than just an inconvenience. Bone fractures can cause serious pain, require surgery, rehabilitation, and can result in missing work. An Atlanta bone fracture lawyer can help those impacted by a bone fracture to recover compensation for:  

  • Medical bills – Including emergency room visits, surgical procedures, physical therapy sessions, and doctors appointments
  • Special equipment – some fractures are so severe that they require a person to spend extended periods of time in special equipment
  • Lost income – An Atlanta bone fracture lawyer can help those affected by a bone fracture recover compensation for their lost income, particularly in cases where a person is unable to work for an extended period of time due to injuries
  • Permanent injuries and disabilities – Unfortunately, some bone fractures result in permanent injuries and disabilities and can alter a person’s life
  • Pain and Suffering – In some cases, a bone fracture may be so severe that a person is entitled to compensation for her pain and suffering associated with a bone fracture, and the pain and suffering she must endure during recovery

Atlanta bone fracture attorneys could work closely with a person to determine not only the cause of a bone fracture but will work with injured victims to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for their injuries.    

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With decades of experience representing those suffering from bone fractures following an accident, a knowledgeable Atlanta bone fracture lawyer could be prepared to help injured victims investigate the cause of their injury, negotiate with insurance companies, work with medical professionals to prove their injuries, and to file personal injury lawsuits to recover the costs associated with bone fractures.